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Putin's invasion of Ukraine was inevitable - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

lIt’s always something of a double-edged sword to trot out an ‘I-told-you-so’ when something catastrophic happensThe orders would close businesses with recent outbreaks of five or more linked cases i, but with ongoing events in Ukraine proving to be more deadly and disastrous than even my own pessimistic predictions…well, I’ve made my position rather clear on both these pages and elsewhere.?

As horrified as I am at the sheer scale of the fighting, and heartbroken for two Kyiv-resident Donetsk-born friends of mine who are now refugees for the second time in eight years, I will confess to some smug satisfaction that the analysts and writers – some of whom are Oxbridge graduates, or authors held in high esteem – have been proven utterly wrongs biggest supporters..?

You know the type; the sort who shake their heads in censorious condescension, and explain that ‘it just doesn’t make sense’ for Putin to launch a major offensive, and ‘he knows what the economic consequences will be’. In fact:1622668883907,, last year I met an absolute cretin of a War Studies graduate who explained to me at length that NATO’s Baltic deployments were ‘carefully calibrated’ to deter Russian aggression. So help me, the man worked at a defence-centric organisation, although in my experience people who read War Studies at university are mostly just those who never had the stones to actually enlist (then again, he also wore trainers with a Tweed suitThe safety of people in our province is paramount,, so I suppose the signs were all there)t need to isolate.The third wave of COVID-19.?

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