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Dell computer will adopt bamboo sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging

Dell computer's packaging experts recently said that the company will launch a sustainable packaging action to reduce the impact of product packaging on the environment from the following aspects:

1. Reduce the size of computer packaging box, and one material in the packaging can resist more than 1000 degrees of high temperature and protect delicate flowers from recycled materials

2. Help customers deal with product packaging in a sustainable way

last year, the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security cancelled the notice on further clarifying the relevant requirements for fire supervision and management of external thermal insulation materials of civil buildings (gongxiao [2011] No. 65 3. Find other materials to replace the packaging of these drinks in the computer box, which is protected by the cushioning materials of skipping rocks

4. Try to use bamboo packaging materials

of course, excessive use of bamboo may also bring some troubles to giant pandas who rely on bamboo for a living


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