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VR market potential still exists education or a major breakthrough

after three booms, the VR market began to show fatigue in the second half of 2016, with a sense of seeing that the tree fell and the monkey scattered. However, the VR market prospect still exists. Some data predict that the VR market scale will reach 91.82 billion yuan around 2020, and education may become a key point to break the ice in the VR market

reviewing the development process of VR, it has roughly experienced three stages, or three upsurge. The first time was in the 1960s, when the principle of VR technology was established. Then in the 1990s, VR became commercialized but ended in failure. The third upsurge, that is, in recent years, we saw a wave of VR commercialization and popularization around the world

however, after the rapid development from the germination of VR in 2015 to the beginning of the first year of VR in 2016, VR encountered a capital winter in 2017. For VR industry practitioners, 2017 is really not a good year. Many enterprises are facing layoffs, restructuring and even bankruptcy

in fact, the reason why VR became popular overnight and cold in the twinkling of an eye has always been the problem. However, the hot development in the early stage covered up these problems. The sudden upsurge made people ignore its shortcomings. However, with the passage of time, VR's own problems began to emerge, which also led to the occurrence of the current situation

in 2016, only advanced skills in the VR industry could not fully meet the needs of this society. At that time, VR concept stocks soared and venture capital projects also appeared. But from the technical point of view, the rest of the company's business was still in the early incubation stage. Most manufacturers in the domestic market did not have core technologies, which was a hard injury to domestic brands

after a short-term over hype and over packaging, the VR market began to show fatigue in the second half of 2016. At the same time, the capital did not get the expected income on VR and went away one after another. Coupled with the lack of talents in the whole industry, VR cooled down for most of the time

however, there are still many enterprises that have not given up VR and are constantly looking for breakthroughs and looking forward to the revival of the market. Of course, this is not blind optimism. According to the 2017 white paper on investment and financing of China's VR industry, the domestic VR market will enter a period of rapid development in, and it is expected that by about 2020, the virtual reality market will enter a relatively mature period, with a market scale of 91.82 billion yuan. From this point of view, the future development of VR market is worth looking forward to, especially in 2018, which may be a huge turning point

as for where and how to make a breakthrough, people in the industry are also trying to find the answer. There is a view that education may become a key point to break the ice in the VR market

at present, education is highly valued, and education informatization is also being steadily carried out and implemented. High and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality have penetrated into all links of education, and a good opportunity for science, technology and education has emerged

in addition, the "13th five year plan" for educational informatization requires that qualified regions should actively explore the application of information technology in new education modes such as maker space, interdisciplinary learning (steam Education), virtual reality education, maker education, etc. This is an important opportunity for VR

so what can VR technology bring to education? A research report shows that people can only remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 90% of what they experience or simulate. However, for the immersive education mode provided by VR technology, the electrical equipment on the experimental machine should be installed and tested by the manufacturer on the experimental machine, which can make users more truly perceive and deepen their memory, so as to achieve better teaching results

from the perspective of capital market, VR education also has a huge market prospect, which is enough to attract a large amount of capital and promote the development of the industry. Relevant reports show that by 2020, the VR education market will reach 300million US dollars; By 2025, the market size will double to $700million

however, it should be noted that VR can not support the whole process of teaching. It is only an auxiliary means in the process of education. While bringing surprises, there are also some problems, such as dizziness, lack of high-quality content and high hardware cost. Therefore, VR education may not be popularized so quickly, but it will eventually come

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