Ops materials have a good application prospect in

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Ops material has a good application prospect in the label industry.

as a new type of body fitted packaging material, OPS has the advantages of high transparency, high shrinkage, stable shrinkage, excellent environmental protection performance and economic applicability, and can be used in label production instead of PVC

polystyrene is a kind of transparent resin, which is hard and transparent at room temperature; In the optical performance of OPS, it can transmit visible light of all wavelengths, and the refractive index reaches 1.592, making it have a high gloss; Ops makes up for the defects of the shrinkage film of the traditional blowing process. Its horizontal shrinkage rate can be as high as 80%. This index requirement of high shrinkage rate can enable the trademark to be realized on containers of different shapes. Before doing the material experiment, we will work with domestic and foreign hydrostatic component manufacturers to jointly carry out research and development on them, highlighting the shape of the container; When OPS changes in the process of heat shrinkage, it fully conforms to the heating form during the use of the trademark, and will not have a great impact on the container and the filled beverage; Ops can not only be recycled, but even after printing, the trademark can be burned into energy. Because it is non-toxic and tasteless, it does not produce any harmful gas. Therefore, it will not produce any pollution that customers do not need to worry about in terms of quality and after-sales at the time of purchase


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