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First in the West! Dongfang Electric hydrogen fuel cell automation production line phase I project was officially put into operation. In addition, these areas also need to be often coated with anti rust engine oil. Sichuan news (tangzewen) on April 10, the hydrogen fuel cell automation production line invested and constructed by Dongfang Electric (Chengdu) hydrogen fuel cell technology Co., Ltd. in the multi-functional test software package was officially put into operation, which is the first hydrogen fuel cell automation production line in Western China

the production line has the capacity of batch production of 1000 sets of hydrogen fuel cell engines per year. The products, from the core components membrane electrode, stack to engine system, are independently developed by Dongfang Electric. The products are mainly used in new energy vehicles as a part of the power system of new energy vehicles. The relevant person in charge of Dongfang Electric (Chengdu) hydrogen fuel cell technology Co., Ltd. said

in June last year, the first 10 hydrogen fuel cell buses using the hydrogen fuel cell engine with Dongfang Electric's independent intellectual property rights have been put into commercial operation in Chengdu, making Sichuan the second province in China to carry out the commercial operation of hydrogen fuel cell buses after Guangdong. Up to now, the accumulated safe operation mileage of 10 vehicles has exceeded 400000 km, the maximum mileage of a single vehicle has reached 52500 km, and the accumulated number of passengers has exceeded 1.2 million

The formal production of the production line marks the transformation of Sichuan hydrogen fuel cell power system from small batch and manual production to large batch, automatic and intelligent production. The annual production capacity of 1000 hydrogen fuel cell power systems can meet the needs of Sichuan Province this year and next year, The radiant electronic tensile testing machine is the product of the combination of modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology. Zhou Yulian group has realized the reform of property right system in border provinces and regions, laying the foundation for Sichuan hydrogen energy to go global. The official said

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