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American style decoration can always give people a sense of atmosphere and casualness, and its heavy furniture does not make people feel cumbersome, which is based on decoration skills. So, what are the characteristics of American style decoration? If you master the characteristics of American decoration, you can design your own house

1. Wall decoration the wall treatment of American style decoration mainly adopts dado and dado. Of course, there are many kinds of decoration methods, such as bare brick walls, walls, latex paint and other decoration methods are often seen. American decoration style walls usually use natural materials and colors as the background, which makes people feel very comfortable and full of life. 2. The ceiling with American style decoration on the top is mainly composed of gypsum line, wood line and other elements. Gypsum line is an important element in American decoration style. It can show a good effect only after careful collocation. Many American houses are mainly made of wood, so wooden strips and beams are also commonly used for top decoration. 3. Ground decoration the American decorated ground is mainly decorated with antique bricks and old floors to create a warm and natural home feeling. The foundation line of the ground should be designed to be connected with the door pocket line, which can make the whole space line more smooth. 4. American style furniture gives people a natural and simple texture. Furniture is usually made of natural materials such as logs, cotton and hemp, making the furniture more historical and full of life. However, we need to protect the furniture properly in our daily life to avoid dirt or scratches. If you have been paying attention to American style decoration, please contact us and put it into practice. Please log in to the page: http://www.whjzw.net/zb/?ly 。




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