What are the most popular decoration design styles

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  Top1 French romantic design style

&emsp& emsp; The warm living room is quiet and flowing, and pieces of sunshine gently and softly sprinkle in. Leaning on the soft and spacious cloth sofa, I turn over my beloved books and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. It is warm and peaceful. On this white tea table, a cup of self grinding cappuccino exudes a thick heat. Romance means that in every bit of home decoration, the details of white furniture are more important

 & emsp; Top2 modern fashion design style

&emsp& emsp; Modern decorative art introduces the creative ideas and achievements of modern abstract art into modern interior decoration design, and strives to create unique simplified decoration. The design is simple, popular and fresh, which is closer to people's life. Its decorative features are composed of curves and asymmetric lines, such as flower stems, flower buds, grapevines, insect wings, and various beautiful and wavy shapes and patterns in nature, which are reflected in the decoration of walls, railings, window lattices, and furniture of the top 10 decoration design styles prevailing at present

 & emsp; Top3 European palace design style

&emsp& emsp; European style palaces pay attention to luxury temperament. European luxury style uses lace, complex wrinkles, and European famous furniture to create a luxurious style. Soft beds and complicated crystal lamps form a gorgeous bedroom with a strong European style. The curtain is mostly designed with water wave curtain head, and the fabric is shiny and elegant light gold and white

 & emsp; TOP4 American Rural design style

&emsp& emsp; American pastoral style pays more attention to simplicity and freedom, which is reflected in simplicity, leisure, green plants, rattan dining chairs, hollowed out decoration, elegance and comfort. Wooden furniture mostly retains the natural grain of wood itself and is painted with gloss paint. Curtain fabrics are mainly flowers in the natural world, natural stripes with natural color matching or pure white yarn, and the style is simple, natural and fresh

 & emsp; Top5 white and black design style

&emsp& emsp; The design of black-and-white furniture is exaggerated or minimalist. Using them to decorate the room can instantly subvert the traditional room style. White and black series curtains are mainly classic white and black, and the fabric curtains with freehand patterns and geometric textures soften the stiff expression of the room. It is worth noting that when decorating a room, the use of black must grasp a scale. Too much dark furniture will make people feel depressed. Matching a few orange cushions or small red decorations will ease the cold and serious atmosphere in the room

 & emsp; Top6 new Chinese design style

&emsp& emsp; Chinese decorative materials are mainly wood, which pays attention to carving and painting, and the shape is elegant. Each decoration reflects the atmosphere and luxury, and each decoration can make people miss the past and yearn for the future. Chinese style curtains are mainly reflected in the thick color of the fabric, the rich ethnic flavor of the texture pattern, and the pursuit of simplicity, atmosphere and refinement in style. Especially the use of Chinese elements such as tassels, clouds and buckles

 & emsp; Top7 Korean petty bourgeoisie design style

&emsp& emsp; Korean wave blowing, suddenly found that Korean style small posture style, set the strengths of hundreds of families, must have its aesthetic side. Korean bedrooms are warm and lovely in decoration, and light colors are also used, with some lovely small decorations, which fully shows the gentle and lovely temperament of the room owner. Therefore, Korean bedrooms are now popular with young people

 & emsp; Top8 Southeast Asian style design style

&emsp& emsp; The breeze slowly blew into the living room, and the curtains with thick colors and enthusiasm swayed with the wind. Coupled with the tropical crops like banana leaves, the thick tropical customs of Southeast Asia came to my face. Mango wood furniture and rattan furniture outline a simple and comfortable subtropical space, which can also make the living room cool in strong colors. The rich yellowish brown, bronze and other colors of exquisite wood carvings, dotted with a warm atmosphere. This is the unique style of the living room in Southeast Asia

 & emsp; Top9 Mediterranean design style

&emsp& emsp; The Mediterranean style is bright, bold, rich but simple. Good at capturing light and taking natural materials. Blue sky, white clouds and pure beach are all reflected in the style of home furnishing. The simple white furniture and logs are simple and natural. The curtains adopt simple styles and pure fabric colors to capture the breath of the sea at the moment of the wind

 & emsp; Top10 Persian design style

&emsp& emsp; Like a beautiful belly dancer dancing under a thin veil, every look and every action is full of temptation. The temptation of posi comes from complex colors and patterns, the roundness and massiness of deep millet colored furniture, posi style curtains use simple styles, unique fabric patterns and colors to create posi sentiment, and experience different home feelings. A beautiful handmade posi carpet further sets off the strong charm of posi




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