Collar embroidery wall cloth collar 5 light luxury

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Look at the collar embroidered wall cloth "the Lord of collar 5", light and extravagant, romantic just right

light: if there is no feeling, experience elegance and comfort

luxury: abandon the beautiful appearance, reflect the pursuit and attitude of beauty

style: if you are a man, you should have strength without showing off, and always show your personal charm and personality. The style of light luxury is a low-key and noble way of life

new products: lingzhizun 5 series

lingzhizun 5 appendix wind gray blue

Lingxiu embroidery wall cloth inherits the skill of Suzhou embroidery, The product itself has the characteristics of exquisite and luxurious hand embroidery. The collar embroidery wall cloth absorbs the design style of the British royal family in the pattern design, and integrates with the exquisite embroidery to better show the unique dignity and luxury of the royal family. The British royal style characterized by natural, elegant, implicit and noble adds artistic luster to the traditional oriental embroidery

(image and text source: collar embroidery wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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