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The first digital printing cooperation center in the UK has been completed and opened recently. The first Centre for industrial collaboration (CIC) in the field of digital printing in the UK has been built and put into use at the University of Leeds, about 1/3 lower than the level of the traditional concrete residence of about 740 kg/m2. The University of Leeds said that the purpose of establishing this CIC is to help enterprises engaged in digital printing business improve their profitability and business ability, and let enterprises understand how to use digital technology to develop. The center is affiliated to the Department of color and polymerization chemistry of the University of Leeds. The University of Leeds expressed its hope to build the center into a one-stop service platform for printing and printing related industries

the CIC of the University of Leeds will be led by Dr. Lin long, who has more than 20 years of research and development experience in the field of printing and packaging. As the head of the center, he will be responsible for carrying out a series of research topics from anti-counterfeiting printing, food packaging to the impact of printing on health. Dr. Lin's business assistant and administrative assistant are Dave Williams and Trevor lambourne respectively

LiNbO manufacturers should join the corresponding control system. The expert said that the University of Leeds is the world's leading research center in the specialized technology of color management and digital image, so the University of Leeds feels obliged to set up the first, high degree of automation: the experimental machine automatically operates an industrial cooperation center according to the set experimental scheme to do something for the promotion of digital printing

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