The first domestic five axis CNC tool grinder will

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The first "localized" five axis CNC tool grinder will be launched next year. Foshan Taigang CNC Precision Machine Tool Co., Ltd. plans to strive to provide customers with the best products and the most satisfactory services next year and launch the first "localized" five axis CNC tool grinder in China. It is reported that this grinder is jointly developed by the company and Hunan University to provide rigid performance for the whole machine. It is the highest level CNC processing equipment in the tool manufacturing industry at present. After it is put into production, it must be carefully selected when purchasing the experimental machine to improve the production efficiency by two to three times

according to Chen Tefu, the chairman of the company, China's market in this processing field is currently monopolized by products from developed countries such as Germany and Switzerland, and the product price is expensive. However, the price of the grinder products produced by the company is only about 1/3 of that of similar products in the above countries, and the quality and function of the machine tools are comparable

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