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On April 26, the staff of the machine management center of the second company of China Railway fourth Bureau were studying the operation, repair and maintenance skills of dcy900c beam carrier in Dafang company, Suzhou. On the same day, it marked the successful development of China's first medium tire dcy900c beam carrier, filling the domestic gap. 1. Requirements for the utilization of general metal and non-metal samples:

it is understood that the machine management center of the second company of China Railway fourth Bureau, in view of the design defects of the original dcm900 small tire beam carrier, during the construction, long-distance transportation, Lihaibo said that the box girder has many faults, the use cost is high, and seriously affects the project progress. In order to develop an economical, practical and superior medium tire beam carrier which can replace the small tire beam carrier. Since december2010, the center has invested more than 10million yuan to work with Suzhou Dafang company to repeatedly demonstrate and formulate plans for the deficiencies in the design of the original dcm900 beam transport vehicle. After three months of careful development with high accuracy, the first dcy900c beam transport vehicle in China left the factory smoothly on April 26. After testing, all technical indicators have reached the international leading level

The successful development of dcy900c beam transport vehicle is a technical improvement based on the design defects of the original dcm900 beam transport vehicle; 336 small tires are changed into 68 medium tires, the suspension system is changed from 84 to 34, and the hydraulic, power, high-tech products derived from aerospace and the lifting system are changed from the whole to independent, which is more convenient for operation and maintenance. At the same time, it has the advantages that small tires can pass through tunnels, highways and railways. The driving of beam transporting vehicle is changed from remote controller driving to steering wheel driving, which solves the defects such as poor contact between remote controller and equipment signal and potential safety hazards. The beam carrier is 38 meters long, 6.1 meters wide, 252 tons dead weight, and the maximum load capacity can reach 1000 tons

in order to better master the performance of dcy900c beam carrier and cultivate their own professional operation team, the machine management center of the second company of China Railway fourth Bureau selected professional electricians, repairmen and beam carrier drivers to participate in advance and receive professional systematic learning and training

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