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The first plenary session of the board of directors of the National Innovation Alliance for clean wood and Bamboo Pulping and papermaking was held in Nanjing

release date: Source: Chinese paper author: Ministry of forestry and grassland administration "notice on the establishment of the second batch of National Innovation Alliances for forestry and Grassland" [LKF (2019) No. 107], approving the establishment of the "National Innovation Alliance for clean wood and Bamboo Pulping and papermaking". On december25,2019, the League held the first plenary meeting of the first Council in Nanjing

the State Forestry and grassland Administration held the inaugural meeting of the "National Innovation Alliance for the utilization of forestry extraction resources" and the "National Innovation Alliance for clean pulping and papermaking of wood, bamboo" in Nanjing, and awarded the license. Deng Xiaoming, director of China Rural Technology Development Center, and Li Jianzhu, inspector of the science and Technology Department of the State Forestry and grassland administration, delivered speeches on the establishment of the two alliances. Director Deng and inspector Li asked all units in all localities to strengthen their sense of mission and sense of doing a good job of the alliance, strengthen their support and management of the alliance, constantly improve the organization and management system of the alliance, give full play to the role of the alliance in collaborative innovation, serving the modernization of forestry and grassland, and make new and greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of forestry and grassland undertakings

dengxiaoming, director of China Rural Technology Development Center (the first from the right), and Li Jianzhu, inspector of the science and Technology Department of the State Forestry and grassland Administration (the first from the left), held the first plenary meeting of the board of directors of the "National Innovation Alliance for clean pulping and papermaking of wood and bamboo" after the awarding ceremony for the alliance. The members of the board were some provincial paper industry associations, universities, scientific research institutes, paper equipment manufacturers Composed of representatives from pulp and paper manufacturers, China paper, as the industry leader, assembled an experienced R & D team for this star product, and the media were invited to attend

the first meeting of the Council of the National Innovation Alliance for clean pulping and papermaking of wood and bamboo

discussed the scientific research and innovation direction of the "fourteenth five year plan" for clean pulping and papermaking of wood and bamboo. The leading unit, research room of forest products chemical industry, Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, the sample of dried osmanthus has large vibration and noise after fracture. The researcher pointed out that 70% of pulp fiber raw materials come from commercial pulp, fiber wood chips and waste paper. In recent years, due to the "ban on waste" and trade friction, the fiber gap will become larger and larger. In addition, the utilization rate of domestic waste paper is low, so it is urgent to study new technologies to solve the supply problem of fiber raw materials. He hoped that the mechanical equipment for pulping and papermaking would make a breakthrough and strive to achieve equipment autonomy, so as to improve product quality and production efficiency


professor chenlihui of Fujian agricultural and Forestry University pointed out that China's paper-making raw materials are relatively dependent on imports. If non wood pulping is used, it has great limitations, so we should start from objective factors to overcome the problems. He emphasized the advantages of bamboo pulp papermaking and "Forest Pulp paper integration", and hoped that the "fourteenth five year plan" would increase the diversified development of papermaking raw materials, so as to improve the technical level of the industry


professor zhangmeiyun of Shaanxi University of science and technology said: "If we want to solve the problem of raw material shortage from the root, we must develop new products to replace. For example, using non wood raw materials to replace some wood pulp raw materials is a new direction. Of course, there are more than one kind of products that can be used as raw materials. We hope to get the attention and support of the state. Only in this way can we go on with more confidence."


professor qianxueren of Northeast Agricultural University put forward that from the perspective of chemical pulp, the main bottleneck of straw pulping is how to deal with the black liquor of straw pulp. Because straw pulp black liquor can not be recycled through normal combustion like wood pulp black liquor. Qian Xueren's team is studying and exploring new methods for normal recycling of straw pulp black liquor through non combustion channels

Professor Xufeng of Beijing Forestry University stressed that cleaner production in the paper industry is very important and should be put on the agenda as soon as possible in the "fourteenth five year plan". Bamboo pulp paper has gradually come into the public's view. The next step is to consider using bamboo for pulping or making the next high value-added products

Luofugang, vice president of Sichuan Paper Industry Association, introduced that Sichuan is a large bamboo production province, and the unique medium length fiber of bamboo is very suitable for the production of household paper. As an important production base of bamboo pulp, Sichuan Province uses natural natural bamboo fiber for all paper products, which greatly improves the comfort and softness of the paper and brings customers a very good feeling of use


professor jinyongcan of Nanjing Forestry University put forward that how to give consideration to papermaking and forestry ecological protection is a very realistic problem at present. It is urgent to develop more practical technologies by using existing technologies from the perspective of technology and equipment


Wangchang, general manager of Jinlong pulp and paper industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., proposed that app enters China and takes the lead in advocating the paper industry to implement the strategic development goal of Forest Pulp and paper integration. If we want to achieve sustainable development, we cannot do without the mutual support of the alliance entrepreneurs, experts, professors and scholars present here. Only in this way can we achieve green circular development and finally form an industrial chain

(Wang Chang)

Yang Jian, chairman of Zhenjiang zhongfuma Machinery Co., Ltd., said that through this alliance meeting, he would expand the development ideas of new products and the development plan of "the 14th five year plan" products, enter into the research and development of relevant equipment in advance, cooperate with the development direction of the alliance, and make modest efforts for clean pulp and paper making

(Yang Jian)

fan Ganghua, general manager of Jiangsu Jinwo Machinery Co., Ltd., said that straw pulp is a good product to make up for the shortage of fiber, is a direction of high-yield pulping, and will continue to manufacture this product to the whole society


zhouyonghong, director of the Institute of forestry industry and chemical industry, Chinese Academy of forestry, had a small initial clamping force. Later, Fang guigan, deputy director of the Institute, issued director certificates to 19 board members of the first wood bamboo clean pulp and paper alliance, including Fujian agriculture and Forestry University

director general Fang guigan, researcher (first from the left), awarded the deputy director units

and issued letters of appointment to each director member

each director representative spoke

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