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The first domestic environmentally friendly rubber oil brand "catches the eye" in the market nowadays, environmentally friendly and low consumption products are more and more popular in the market. On November 17, CNOOC energy utilization Co., Ltd. held the first product promotion conference of "CNOOC environmentally friendly rubber oil", which attracted the attention of many well-known tire and rubber enterprises at home and abroad

"CNOOC environmentally friendly rubber oil" is another key product developed by this company after "CNOOC asphalt", which breaks the situation that this product has been monopolized by a few foreign enterprises for many years. Zhuyuming, the general manager of the company, said: "environmentally friendly tires have become an inevitable trend in the development of the international tire industry, and are also in line with the human pursuit of a low-carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyle."

CHENHONG, deputy director of Beijing rubber industry research and Design Institute, praised the application performance of "CNOOC environmentally friendly rubber oil", saying that it "has reached or even exceeded the indicators of similar international products, and the film blowing machine has developed high-end technology"

Xiuyi Fukuya of Hangzhou Yokohama Tire Co., Ltd. said: "in the face of increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements that also need the government's policy support, the company has a large demand for high-quality environmental friendly rubber oil products. We hope to establish a good cooperative relationship with CNOOC for the export growth of China's extruder products." Many foreign tire and rubber companies have shown great interest in "CNOOC environmentally friendly rubber oil"

during the exchange, a representative of the company raised a question: at present, the annual output of the product is only 8000 tons. Can a stable product supply be guaranteed in the future? Wudanxiong, marketing manager of CNOOC oil & Gas Utilization Company, answered: "CNOOC has established a product R & D technology center in Qingdao to provide good technical support for the lubricant industry. In addition, CNOOC asphalt Co., Ltd. will increase the output of high-pressure hydrogenation lubricant units to 20000 tons next year. In the next few years, the company will gradually increase its investment in lubricant products in Taizhou, Zhanjiang and other places." Therefore, the use of stepper motors is still less

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