The first domestic wide width satellite flexograph

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The first domestic wide width satellite flexographic printing machine was officially put into production recently, the first hy-rmy 6-color wide width high-speed satellite flexographic printing machine independently developed by China was officially put into production in Tianjin and operated well. The successful research and development of this equipment technology will not only fill the gap in the domestic printing machinery industry, but also end the history of relying on imports of satellite flexographic printing machines in China

as a safe and environmentally friendly printing method, satellite flexo printing is widely used in the packaging of food, drugs and sanitary products, as well as in China's high-end product market and some new product fields. Hy-rmy 6-color satellite flexographic printing machine is a high-end product in the satellite flexographic printing machine. The width of the printed product can reach 1.6 meters, and the printing speed can reach 250 meters/minute. Due to the large, comprehensive and high-speed configuration angle. According to experts, after the successful R & D of this equipment and technology fully enters the market, it will save a lot of foreign exchange for the country and play a great role in driving the development of China's printing industry

on january11,2007, the appraisal committee composed of Shaanxi Provincial Department of science and technology, Shaanxi Provincial Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense and relevant industry experts completed the appraisal of the achievements of the HY series satellite wide flexographic printing machine project in Xi'an due to the adoption of the new hydraulic sensor force measurement technology. The successful on-site operation marked a successful conclusion for the research and development of the project

the printer adopts a complete set of control and drive scheme of bacalay: the upper part uses the bacalay PP100 touch screen, the control system uses the bacalay 2003 series PCC controller, and the transmission part is the scheme that bacalay acopos driver drives the asynchronous servo motor, which completes all the control of the whole machine from unwinding, tension, printing, post printing varnish to rewinding

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