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The perfect "shaping" of delta e series inverter in blow molding machine system

from the current development trend of international plastic machinery, intellectualization and integration are the development direction of plastic machinery enterprises in the future. Enterprises will integrate more electronic technology, computer technology and network technology into plastic machinery technology to realize automatic control, automatic diagnosis, automatic adjustment and other functions, In order to enhance their competitiveness in the plastic machinery market

as the world's mainstream supplier of automation products, Delta Electronics Group has always been concerned about market demand and committed to using leading technology to help users improve their own value. Recently, Delta vfd-e series inverter stood out from many other similar industries with its excellent performance and cost performance, and finally won the favor of a large plastic machine company in Wuhan, which was applied to the frequency conversion and speed regulation device of blow molding machine. After verification, the production efficiency has been greatly improved. The company said that it would mass customize Delta's E-Series frequency converters, which also marks that Delta has successfully rooted in the plastic machine industry in Wuhan

the frequency conversion and speed regulation drive system of blow molding machine is mainly composed of extrusion motor, traction motor and cooling fan. There are a large number of frequency converters and the control system is relatively simple. It has always been a must for various frequency converter manufacturers. Tai Lai meets its own needs and even the world's needs to enlarge the industrial linkage effect. Da e series can enhance the research and development of enterprises, especially domestic enterprises, to produce better products. The inverter is so respected that its advanced technology and superior performance are indelible. It adopts elastic module design, and its biggest feature is the built-in PLC function, which can write simple programs for storage and execution, which provides convenience for users to set parameters, and can add special function expansion cards and communication cards. It is the best delta low-power inverter, which has been confirmed by the majority of users and can meet the diversified needs of the industry

delta successfully applied digital measurement and control, distributed monitoring system, touch screen and other technologies in the frequency conversion and speed regulation system of the blow molding machine. Users only need to change the corresponding parameters from the HMI to control the speed of blow molding and coiling, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the whole system. It can also achieve the following effects: high output of finished products, low mechanical noise, high running speed, accurate plastic blowing, enhanced system stability, simple user operation and convenient maintenance

Delta has once again won the recognition of customers with its advanced technology and products. With the success of Wuhan plastic machinery industry, delta inverter and other products will continue to rise in the share of plastic machinery industry

about Delta Electronics Group

Delta Electronics Group was founded in 1971, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and has production and sales bases and technology research and development centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. As the world's largest supplier of power management systems and a leader in industrial automation, Delta Electronics Group is also the world's leading supplier of displays, electronic components and networking products. In 2007, the group's operating revenue is expected to reach US $5billion (about RMB 38billion). In the field of industrial automation, with its accumulated professional experience in power electronics and control technology, Delta has continuously expanded its product line since it began to produce frequency converters in 1995. So far, it has a complete series of advanced and reliable automation products in three categories: drive, control and motion, and is promoting the continuous progress of world automation technology with infinite innovation

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Zhongda Diantong Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is headquartered in Pudong, Shanghai and has 35 branches and service points in the mainland. It is a subsidiary of the international multinational giant Delta Electronics Group. Inheriting the high-quality aura of the parent company, Zhongda Diantong is committed to the perfect combination of energy-efficient technology and application engineering, providing integrated integration solutions, and creating competitive advantages with customers. In the field of industrial automation, with high-quality products, in-depth understanding of the industry process, Zhongda Diantong provides customized integration solutions and global joint insurance services, which are well known for the vast number of customers in the industry, including textile, machine tool, printing, packaging, building, machinery and other industries

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