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Printer communication: Performance Analysis of several commonly used digital printers

HP indigo press 3050

HP indigo press 3050 inherits the excellent quality, improved performance and powerful functions of HP products. The cost of equipment purchase, service and consumables is further reduced, which can meet the needs of customers for short edition and personalized printing. HP indigo press 3050 can output 4000 four-color A4 prints per hour (two versions are printed at the same time). Electronic page distribution, automatic double-sided printing, smooth seamless job replacement and other functions make the operation more efficient and smooth. HP indigo press 3050 has a resolution of 812dpi and a printing accuracy of up to 230 lines/inch. Through the optional five color, six color or even seven color ink supply unit, hpindichrome and offline spot color further expand the four printing primary colors to enrich the range of printing color gamut. Hpindigopress3050 adopts liquid ink to reflect the offset printing quality. By selecting HP indigo yours truly color personalized software, different offset printing products can be produced to meet the different needs of customers

Fuji Xerox docucolor 6060

docucolor 6060 is the flagship product launched by Fuji Xerox to China's high-end digital printing market. It is mainly aimed at high-end production customers with massive production tasks in the industry, especially fast printing enterprises that provide professional printing services. Docucolor 6060 has a color output speed of 60 pages per minute. It can print coated paper and process printing materials up to 300g/m2 thick. Docucolor 6060 provides customers with an open color management platform. Customers can generate their own ICC characteristic files according to their own printing environment. It is a precision equipment for process performance experiments on metal sheets and strips, and then it is imported into all links of the color management process for color control. How do docuco digital universal testing machines operate? Lor 6060 is equipped with servers from different partners according to different customer needs. In addition to fieryexp 6000 of EFI company, spirecxp 6000, the latest product of Cleo company, can also be equipped to avoid re hygroscopic

Canon irc3200

Canon irc3200n, with its advanced technology and excellent functions, meets the various needs of modern office, significantly improves work efficiency, and makes the office environment more convenient and comfortable. Irc3200n has professional color printing effect, color book binding function, color, black and white can be printed at the same speed; Adopt Canon's unique PDF high compression technology, and send it directly after scanning; The fax is sent through the Internet without using the line, which greatly reduces the communication cost. The received fax documents can be forwarded to the designated e-mail through the fax forwarding function, without consuming paper, reducing the cost and saving paper storage space. In addition, it also supports the functions of scanning multiple sets of copies at one time, reservation copy, mirror copy, confidential printing, personalized printing and so on

Kodak Wanyin ds6240 digital printing system

Kodak Wanyin ds6240 digital printing system has a printing width of 10.85 cm, a speed of 300 meters per minute, and a resolution of 240 240dpi. It is mainly used for label printing, direct mail advertising, transaction bill printing, form printing, packaging printing, and other commercial printing and spot color printing. It can realize the printing of personalized images, addresses, bar codes, logos, numbers, etc. Ds6240 system has great choice in color matching, and can be conveniently installed on sheet fed or web printing machine, page matching machine, folding machine and other equipment

founder digital printing system

founder digital printing system integrates a powerful digital printing production process software system (workflow) for the rapid, variable, on-demand, networking and other needs of the digital printing market; Efficient and flexible printing agile variable data and database typesetting system (vdp/dbp); On demand submission system (POD) for printing and jieluo operation; Yinjie digital document management system and other leading software systems (DM) fully cooperate with high-speed and fully configured digital printing equipment to achieve efficient, fast and personalized digital printing production. The system is compatible with all typesetting systems, including founder typesetting system, but many customers say that the fixture is fragile, holds various types of Chinese font, and can connect multiple digital printing equipment at the same time

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