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Dazhou Construction Machinery Service Management Institute improves the certificate of ownership of construction machinery

Dazhou Construction Machinery Service Management Institute improves the certificate of ownership of construction machinery

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although construction machinery such as excavators are "worth millions" at any time, they are always unidentified, and they usually can't buy insurance and mortgage loans. Under normal circumstances, with the establishment of Dazhou Construction Machinery Service Management Institute, the construction machinery industry in Dazhou has bid farewell to the unsupervised vacuum state, and the ownership of construction machinery has been solved

it is difficult to prove the ownership of excavators without going to the household.

"there are more than 3000 construction machinery in Dazhou." Yesterday, the author learned from Dazhou construction machinery service management institute that at present, there are a total of 500 or 600 registered construction machinery in the city

"without identification, the safety supervision of construction machinery is difficult, financing is difficult, and even insurance is difficult to buy." According to reports, in the past, when safety accidents occurred in construction machinery, the safety supervision bureau often failed to find the property owner, and the government paid for the accidents

since the price of construction machinery is generally about twomillion, many of them are bought by several people in partnership, and the resale is frequent, the property owner is often not found in the end

handling ownership certificates, financing and insurance are easily solved

"many times, there are accidents, and the owners run away without compensation." It is understood that the management also found in the process of site publicity policy and service by 2025 that the weight of the operators who are generally SUVs may vary greatly. Teachers teach and apprentices learn, and many of them do not have operation certificates

"if you want to apply for a certificate, you have to go to Chengdu." With the establishment of the management office, it can be achieved without getting an operation certificate out of Dazhou. The author learned that Dazhou city has also set up five workstations in each county and urban area to carry out work, such as equipment registration, licensing, induction training and other businesses

in addition, with the ownership certificate of excavators, the problem of financing is also solved. Mr. Du, the owner of construction machinery and equipment in Dazhou, said that because he obtained the ownership certificate of three equipment, he successfully loaned 2.6 million yuan to solve the problem of capital shortage. At present, the management office has also signed agreements with Pacific and other insurance companies to purchase corresponding insurance after the excavator handles the ownership certificate

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