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Water and gas plant maintenance workshop perfect safety rules and regulations

safety rules and regulations are summarized by human beings through years of practical action and experience and lessons. First of all, they are roughly thrown. They are bought at the cost of human life and blood, and we must strictly implement and abide by them. Establishing and improving an effective and comprehensive safety production system and safety maintenance procedures is a necessary means to ensure the safety production of the workshop, and it is also an important content of the safety management of the workshop. There are 71 employees in the maintenance workshop of the water and gas plant, mainly responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the plant's dynamic equipment. Establish and improve the safety production responsibility ● high-precision and low-noise ball screw system and put forward a good motion for the development of wood plastic composites and its industry. The maintenance safety regulations are of great significance to ensure the smooth operation of each device. In order to ensure safe operation in inspection and maintenance, the workshop has revised the team safety production system according to the work characteristics of each section, making it targeted, operable and inspectable. The "safety operation regulations" was revised and distributed to all teams and groups, and the staff were organized to carefully study and master the contents of the "safety operation regulations", and the assessment was strengthened. At the same time, employees are also organized to learn and master the rules and regulations on safety maintenance, construction and other semi-automatic impact test locomotives issued by the company and branches. The system is not unchanging. It needs to be constantly revised and improved in the process of actual production and life. The workshop should not only implement and abide by various safety rules and regulations in its work, but also constantly summarize experience and improve the safety operation procedures of the post, so as to make it closer to reality and production, and play a reliable guarantee for safety production

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