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Performance analysis of two main grinding equipment in foreign countries

stirred rod tank sand mill, this kind of equipment is not the latest, and has been applied abroad since the 1990s. The reason why we want to study it is because the stirred rod tank grinder is a very advanced grinding equipment in terms of technology and performance

(1) structural characteristics. The mixing rod tank type sand mill is summarized from the general category, which belongs to the vertical sand mill, and its structure is relatively simple. The outer part is a cylindrical stator structure. On the inner surface of the stator, a series of customized mixing rods are installed, which are very accurate and stable for each step of the operation of the experimental machine. The inner part is a cylindrical rotor. The rotor mixing rod is regularly installed on the rotor, in which the stator mixing rod and the rotor mixing rod are staggered. In order to reduce the temperature, a jacket is set outside the stator, and the inside of the jacket can be penetrated with cooling water to ensure the temperature control during the working process of the sanding mill. Compared with the ordinary vertical sanding mill, the biggest structural feature of the mixing rod tank sanding mill is that the gap between its rotor and stator is very small, which ensures the quality of work

(2) working principle and performance analysis. The principle of the mixing rod tank sand mill is very simple. When the material is put into the sand mill bin at the feeding port, the material will become more broken and dispersed after being subjected to friction, shear and other mechanical effects, forming the materials required for construction. There is always cooling water circulation in the whole process

the performance characteristics of the stirring rod tank sand mill are mainly reflected in three aspects:

first, the gap between the stator cylinder and the rotor cylinder is very small, which makes the material friction accumulation and friction very large, ensuring the crushing quality of the material and reducing the energy consumption:

the energy consumption during the manufacturing of aluminum alloy is usually large. Secondly, due to the guarantee of external cooling device, The whole system can be well cooled in the working process. Therefore, the grinding efficiency is improved, and the crushing effect of heat sensitive materials is better:

Third, the volume of the overall equipment is very small, and the area of land is small, which is more convenient to use in ningjian

multi chamber gap sanding mill. In the development process of sanding mill, the development and application of multi chamber gap sanding mill is a major innovation and improvement of powder machinery, which is of great significance for the development of the whole grinding equipment

(1) structural characteristics. The multi chamber intermittent sand mill is developed and improved on the basis of the ball mill. In terms of structure, the characteristics of multi chamber intermittent sand mill are very obvious. The grinding chamber of the mill is divided into three grinding silos of equal size. In each grinding silo, there is a grinding medium channel to ensure the sufficiency of material grinding. During grinding, the grinding medium with the material is sent back to the original grinding room. Like other sand mills, it is equipped with a cooling device

(2) working principle and performance analysis. There is an essential difference between the multi chamber gap sanding mill and the single chamber sanding mill. It can carry out finer friction on the materials, which is small for him, because the allowable sizes of the materials in the three bins are different. The diameter of the first grinding narrow medium is 1.5 mil, and the medium filling rate is 65%; The diameter of the second grinding narrow medium is 1 mil, and the filling rate is 60%; The diameter of the third grinding narrow medium is 0.5 ~ 0.75 mil, and the filling rate is 50%. Three grinding narrow pipes are connected in series, and the materials pass through narrow pipes one by one. Finally, qualified particles are obtained, which has high work efficiency

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