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As an important part of the 2018 Xi'an International Entrepreneurship conference, the "International Ai Dean's forum" with the theme of "Ai empowering the future" was held yesterday. The Xi'an declaration of the International Ai Dean's forum was released at the forum, which proposed to significantly improve the intelligence level of the whole society and create an AI industrial cluster with international competitiveness

at present, with the development of machine learning, computer vision and other technologies, the application of artificial intelligence gradually covers security, medical treatment, finance, industry, transportation and other fields. Facing the arrival of artificial intelligence era, how to seize the opportunity to occupy the "tuyere"? How to make artificial intelligence better serve economic and social development? This "International Ai Dean's forum" focuses on international, regional, school enterprise and inter college education and scientific research exchanges in the field of AI, further integrates political, industrial, academic and research resources, and promotes the training of high-level AI talents

more than 1000 people, including experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad, gathered at this forum to focus on hot topics such as artificial intelligence and education, and the transformation of artificial intelligence applications, ensuring in-depth exchanges on topics during long-term experiments. "Intelligent education returns to undergraduate and extends to higher vocational education", "fragmented knowledge mining and integration and its application", "artificial intelligence and intelligent medicine" and other theme reports aroused strong repercussions from participants

the Xi'an declaration released at this forum mentioned: actively build undergraduate majors and first-class disciplines of artificial intelligence, form a new training mode of "further improve the level of human manufacturing technology and overall strength, and improve the level of industrial intelligence +x" composite majors, promote the interdisciplinary development to a new level, and make contributions to the training of high-level talents in the field of artificial intelligence in China. Moreover, the Xi'an declaration also mentioned: deepen production, learning, research and application, cultivate emerging AI industries, accelerate the innovation of AI sources and the transformation and application of key technologies, promote technology integration and business model innovation, promote the intelligent upgrading of existing industries, and create AI industrial clusters with international competitiveness

"innovation driven, intelligent responsibility; seize opportunities, education first." The Xi'an declaration proposes to promote the integration of "artificial intelligence + hard technology + Internet + big data", build a new generation of industrial formats, social networks, etc., develop "artificial intelligence +" key common technology system, form an all-time and ubiquitous intelligent environment, and greatly improve the intelligent level of the whole society. The forum will continue to promote the construction of high-end AI talent team, form a highland of AI talent in China, and create a molding shrinkage rate for the construction: 1.2 (3) 0% of new countries. He is a doctoral student and material scientist of Wei laboratory and contributes to the world's scientific and technological power

it is learned that this forum will last for two days. In addition to the theme report, it will also set up links such as "Ai + Dean of Higher Education Summit Forum" and "Ai Innovation Technology Exhibition" to analyze the future of AI development from multiple perspectives, comprehensively discuss key issues such as AI academic frontier, application transformation and future development, and describe the future of AI

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