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ABB's path to sustainable development -- the completion of the new site of Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd., "ABB Automation World" successfully concluded

China industrial control industrial control information ABB's path to sustainable development -- the completion of the new site of Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd., "ABB Automation World" successfully concluded

editor's note: in 2009, the new site of Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd.'s multi business production base was completed and held with the "ABB Automation World" activity. ABB Group's strong advantages in the energy field, its stable position in the global market and strong investment in emerging markets are the way to sustainable development in the face of the financial crisis

ribbon cutting ceremony for the inauguration of the new multi business production base of Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd.

opportunities of the financial crisis

strong advantages in the energy field, a solid position in the global market and strong investment in emerging markets are the sustainable development of ABB Group in the face of the financial crisis

the financial crisis is a problem that every enterprise is willing to face but has to face without analyzing the failure situation and failure mechanism of products. In particular, this global financial crisis may mean a fatal blow to multinational enterprise groups. However, in the face of the global economic recession, abb has given unexpected figures: in the first quarter of 2009, ABB Group sales increased by 3% to $7.2 billion, EBIT amounted to $862million. Mr. Haokun, CEO of ABB group, who took office in September last year, showed ABB's calm and rational response to the crisis for the first time in the face of Chinese media: "Of course, the global economic crisis will have a certain impact on abb. Generally speaking, we have faced great challenges in Europe and North America, especially in the U.S. market. But overall, ABB Group's performance in the first quarter is still good, and I believe that the performance in the second and third quarters will be further improved. In the first quarter, our order storage was about $25billion, and we can still obtain such order storage reserves under the current economic crisis It's not easy. In addition, the growth of group service orders is also very strong. In addition, we are implementing a cost reduction plan around the world, which is expected to cut us $2billion to ensure a more intuitive way to show that our company has achieved sound financial development. "

under the current economic environment, what magic weapon does ABB have to achieve such good market performance? Mr. Haokun made three points: first, the global market has great growth opportunities for ABB. ABB has maintained strong market performance in wind energy, railway and water. ABB covers a wide range of products and systems in related fields. Now, all countries in the world have introduced economic stimulus plans. ABB hopes to seize these opportunities and provide excellent products and systems for these countries' economic stimulus plans at the same time; Second, the energy sector currently receiving global attention will provide a lot of room for ABB's business development. In terms of efficiency and energy conservation, abb has many products and solutions to help customers save energy. At present, all countries in the world have put forward the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. ABB has different products and rich application experience in various fields such as wind energy and solar energy; Third, abb is expanding its business and increasing its investment in emerging markets, and the number of employees is also increasing. ABB Group has 44% of its employees in emerging markets, of which China accounts for 12%. Despite the current global economic downturn, abb will maintain a strong pace of investment in emerging markets, including China

Hao Kun, CEO of ABB group, attended the opening ceremony of the new multi business production base of Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd.

continue to invest in the Chinese market

at the opening ceremony of the new multi business production base of Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd., abb announced a high-profile new investment of more than US $150million in China in 2009, and the strategic position of the Chinese market for ABB group is self-evident. To continuously expand its production, engineering, service and R & D capabilities in China and maintain its leading position in the Chinese market is the way for abb to continue to develop in the Chinese market

China has become ABB's largest market in the world, keeping the top three in order volume, sales and number of employees. In 2008, the sales volume of ABB group was close to 35billion US dollars. ABB's performance in China has grown organically by more than 20% for five consecutive years. At present, abb has 27 local enterprises in China, distributed in different regions of China. ABB has 15000 employees in China and has invested more than US $1billion in China by the end of 2008. At the same time, China has also become a very important raw material procurement base of ABB group. By 2009, the procurement amount in China will exceed US $3billion, and the purchased raw materials are not only used in the Chinese market, but also exported to other countries

Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. has gone through 10 years of development so far. The construction area of production, R & D and office facilities in the new site is more than 70000 square meters, covering an area of more than 100000 square meters, all of which are three times larger than the original site, and the company's production capacity has been greatly improved. The business activities of the company include the manufacturing, sales and engineering services of industrial robots, instruments and meters, integrated analysis systems and substation automation systems including control and protection devices

with the official opening of the new site of Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd., ABB's robot production capacity in China will double. By the end of 2009, ABB's full range of spraying robots will be produced at the company's new site. The new site is also the global production base of ABB instruments and meters. The capacity of flow measuring instruments will be doubled, and the capacity of pressure measuring instruments will be increased by more than 50%. ABB's "analysis cabin" standing at the new site is a full set of integrated analysis system, which can be combined with other electrical equipment and auxiliary equipment. It can be used in oil, natural gas, chemical and other industries to help monitor the flow of gas and liquid in the process of industrial production and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment. This is also ABB's largest analytical system integration base in the world. The company also plans to introduce the latest high-voltage relay protection and measurement and control device system production line to provide domestic and foreign markets with power products including line differential protection, transformer protection, bus protection and measurement and monitoring devices

it is particularly worth mentioning that the new site of Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. has adopted a number of environmental protection technologies, including solar facilities, high insulation materials and energy-saving lighting facilities. The ice storage air conditioner used in the new site can use electric refrigeration to store ice when the electrical load is at a low ebb, so as to store the cold energy and cool the air conditioner in the building during the peak of power supply. The application of this technology can reduce the peak load, thus reducing the overall energy consumption. Compared with traditional buildings, the new site can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 600 tons per year, equivalent to saving 700 tons of standard coal

in addition to Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd., abb plans to expand six other enterprises this year, including ABB Shanghai High Voltage Motor Co., Ltd., Chongqing ABB Transformer Co., Ltd., Chongqing ABB Jiangjin turbocharging Co., Ltd., Beijing ABB low voltage electrical appliances Co., Ltd. and Hefei ABB Transformer Co., Ltd. "ABB's capital expansion in the year of the financial crisis will increase ABB's total investment in China to $1.16 billion, highlighting ABB's commitment to continue to work for China's future development," said Mr. keruis, President of ABB's North Asia region and chairman of ABB's China company

Opening Forum of "ABB Automation World" 2009

future oriented "automation world"

on May 13, 2009, abb held the 2009 "ABB Automation World" large-scale event in Shanghai. Through high-end forums, exhibitions and more than 90 technical lectures, abb conveyed to few Chinese users of models below 10kN the sustainable development path ABB provided for China's manufacturing industry through continuous innovation

the theme of this automation world event is "innovation and resource efficiency". ABB believes that innovation not only refers to revolutionary changes, but also incremental improvements. ABB Group has been paying close attention to the R & D investment, and the R & D investment has maintained a stable growth every year. Even in the relatively difficult period from 2002 to 2003, the group has not reduced its R & D investment. Now, with the global economy in recession, abb still maintains the growth of R & D investment. At the Opening Forum of the event, Mr. Haokun said, "no matter how long the recession or the economic crisis, it will end sooner or later. What we need to do now is to actively invest and prepare for economic recovery." ABB has more than 6000 R & D personnel around the world, and the Chinese R & D center is also an important part of the global R & D network

in the overall R & D investment of ABB group, the investment related to efficiency and energy conservation accounts for 50% - 60% of the total investment. The energy-saving concept advocated by ABB has three dimensions, which not only continuously meet the demand of power growth, but also take into account the cost of energy consumption and the impact on the environment in this process. In this event, abb showed the guests its many leading automation products, systems and solutions, each of which has its own characteristics, such as abb energy efficiency motor, frequency conversion technology, process automation control system, wireless technology, etc. Among them, m3bpi energy efficiency motor is the first exhibition of ABB in China. The motor adopts ABB's globally unified design platform and leading modular design. It has the characteristics of high energy efficiency and high reliability, and can meet the requirements of the worst working conditions in today's process industry, while helping customers effectively reduce operating costs

abb, as a supplier of energy management cycle solutions, also actively conveyed this new concept to Chinese users in this event. The energy management cycle plan starts from discovering potential energy-saving opportunities, and then evaluates the potential opportunities to achieve improvement. After the evaluation, the plan is formulated and optimized. After the implementation, the feedback of the implementation effect is obtained through measurement and monitoring. At the same time, it can further reconsider the energy and enterprise energy planning strategy, and then enter the cycle of the next step, so as to realize the sustainable progress of energy management. This cycle pursues continuous improvement in an improved and gradual way

stick to the enterprise

while maintaining the healthy development of the enterprise, actively fulfilling the social responsibility of the enterprise is also an indispensable part of the sustainable development of an enterprise. ABB insists on supporting charity and public welfare undertakings with a sustainable development attitude, advocates a sustainable corporate civil society, and inspires forces from all sectors of society to jointly help vulnerable groups

after the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan, abb has been paying continuous attention to the relief and reconstruction work in the disaster areas, and has donated 11.45 million yuan to residents and power facilities in the affected areas in Sichuan. On May 12, the new site of Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd. was completed, which coincided with the first anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake. At the inauguration ceremony of the new site, abb donated part of the funds for this activity for poor college students in the earthquake stricken areas of Sichuan, which was used to support more than 20 poor students from the earthquake stricken areas studying in Sichuan and Chongqing universities to complete their studies; In the "ABB Automation World" event held from May 13 to 14, abb donated money to the "ABB new Great Wall student aid fund for poor college students" project for the fifth year and to the Shanghai elderly home charity project for the third year to support the social vulnerable groups

Mr. Haokun said at the ceremony, "in the face of the global economic recession, the group not only keeps the pace of investment in China unchanged, but also vigorously supports social charities and public welfare undertakings with a sustainable development attitude, cares for vulnerable groups, and continues to fund domestic poor college students

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