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The road to transformation is long and arduous. Packaging machine enterprises face fierce competition and ensure performance. The progress of science and technology has driven the rapid development of packaging machines. With the widespread application of packaging machines, they have been widely used in all walks of life, facilitating the rapid production of enterprises, and becoming the leader in the packaging machine industry. After decades of development, with the continuous injection of innovative ideas and high-tech, It affects the development of the packaging machine industry, which in turn reduces the weight of automobiles by 10% - 15%, 30% - 40%, 45% - 55%. Good ideas lead the packaging machine enterprises to develop in a better direction. The flexibility of the equipment makes people clearly realize that the packaging machine was so charming

packaging machines are widely used in food, medicine and other industries and play a very important role in the development of this industry. It can be seen how vast the development space and fields of the packaging machine market are. These are undoubtedly a great encouragement and driving force for domestic businesses, but there are also many factors affecting the development of domestic packaging machines

at present, more and more businesses engaged in packaging machines have intensified the fierce competition for survival and development. The overall domestic packaging machine technology is not up to the international advanced level, which restricts the pace of domestic economic development to a certain extent. In addition, the lack of advanced scientific and technological personnel, people's insufficient understanding of packaging machines, and other factors that are not conducive to the development of the domestic packaging machine industry need the efforts of all businesses, So as to promote the domestic packaging machine to continue the formula: forward

at present, the integration of electromechanical and low cost is the general trend. The future packaging machinery will cooperate with industrial automation to promote the improvement of the overall level. Under this trend, we must focus on the trend, enhance the innovation mechanism and the ability to attract talents, develop new achievements with independent intellectual property rights, and quickly enter the commercialization of research and development

experts said that some packaging machine industries in China should change the situation of low technology content as soon as possible, learn from foreign advanced technology, and develop and produce large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency, low consumption and the right production and marketing. Develop suitable packaging equipment according to national conditions, speed up the renewal of packaging machinery, if the sample breaks outside the marking line, and further develop the domestic and international market. On the premise of segmenting the market, we should form our own advantages and establish a differentiated market competition system, and the road of differentiation is the effective way for China's packaging machinery industry to truly get rid of foreign high-pressure technology and capital advantages

with the reform and opening up, packaging machine enterprises are growing rapidly, and the competition within the industry is becoming more and more serious. A single manufacturer can no longer get a place in the market. Facing various difficulties, how to break through the siege and innovate and develop the packaging machinery industry? At the same time, we should call on the relevant specialized supporting industries to continue to improve and expand, and give greater support to the packaging machinery industry. Only in this way can the whole industry chain develop healthily and produce large-scale complete sets of high-precision and professional production lines to meet the huge demand for packaging machinery in China and the world in the future

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