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Ink accumulation treatment method

the surface smoothness of offset paper is poor, and the penetration ability of binder in ink is poor, so ink is easy to accumulate on the paper surface. Sometimes, although the ink surface has oxidized conjunctiva, it cannot be completely dried. Therefore, when printing the back of offset paper, because the front printing ink is not completely dry, the ink will dry on the embossing cylinder during back printing, and with the increase of the number of prints, the ink layer on the embossing cylinder should pay attention to the bending resistance of the neck of the toothbrush and the tension of the tufts. The ink layer is thicker and thicker, and the pressure on the front image and text is greater and greater, and finally the front image and text become virtual and the impression is not real. If you don't often sample and check when printing, a large number of waste products will be generated, resulting in unnecessary waste. Solution

it takes a long time to print the back after the ink is completely dry, and daily production is impossible. Take the method of regularly wiping the embossing cylinder to make the accumulation of the ink layer on it not too thick, reduce the impact on the front image and text, and tighten it in real time; Technical parameters: basically solve the problem. Generally, this problem will not occur below 3000 prints, and the more prints, the more obvious it is. In order to avoid this kind of problem, we must take more samples and check more

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