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To build an AI monitoring system, "lanhui" should ensure the safety of transmission line operation

China's power consumption is growing rapidly

according to the "annual national power supply and demand situation analysis and prediction report" released by the China Electricity Council, China's total social electricity consumption in 2018 was 6.84 trillion kwh, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year, ranking first in the world. Behind this is the continuous construction of transmission lines in China: the 2017 national annual report on power reliability issued by the National Energy Administration in 2018 shows that the total length of transmission lines of 220 kV and above in China has reached 688000 kilometers, and the scale has leapt to the first place in the world

due to the vast territory of our country, 80%-90% of the transmission lines cross the sensors in the mountains, and the environment is very bad. The power inspection requires huge human and material resources, and it takes a long time, is difficult and high risk. Aiming at the pain point of this industry, Chongqing lanhui Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "lanhui"), located in Qidi science and Technology Park, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, has built a "transmission line intelligent monitoring system" to ensure the safety of transmission line operation

specifically, at the production site, lanhui collects images through UAV, 4G control ball, 4G law enforcement instrument and other devices, and then intelligently recognizes the collected information in the cloud. Finally, it is fed back to the background, so that users can monitor the equipment, environment and personnel construction on the transmission line on the app and PC

lanhui's AI mainly has four core application directions:

first, the detection of transmission lines. "In the transmission line, bolts, pins are missing and insulators burst from time to time, and foreign matters in the bird's nest can also cause problems in the transmission line. What we need to do is to monitor these conditions. In addition, we can also carry out environmental monitoring such as engineering construction and vegetation coverage." Du Yong, the general manager, told 36 krypton Chongqing that after the inspection of the operation site, the patrol workload of line operators can be reduced, and unsafe conditions such as open fire smoke, foreign body suspension and site crane activities can be found in time. After the above unsafe conditions are identified by the Background Intelligent Identification system, the identification results can be pushed to the alarm in real time

second, the overall environment and equipment monitoring of the substation. Monitor all the equipment in the substation through the monitoring terminal for 24 hours, intelligently analyze the operation status of each equipment, and alarm for abnormal phenomena, such as the opening and closing are not in place, the instrument degree is abnormal, corrosion and oil leakage, machine overheating, equipment leakage and other equipment faults

the third is the safety behavior monitoring of power production. There are many electricity points in a wide range, and major safety accidents occur every year, mostly because operators fail to carry out safe construction as required. Lanhui artificial intelligence technology carries out safety in the whole construction process to make the sample show "t" "The word shape control restricts the code of conduct of operators. The contents that can be monitored include: whether the workers wear safety helmets and work clothes, whether they smoke and play during operation, whether they adopt safety protection measures as required during high-altitude operation, the person in charge of the site, whether domestic lithium battery material enterprises will participate in global competition in the future, and whether they are on the site...

Fourth, data analysis of electric projects. Use big data technology to analyze the collected project data Carry out multi-dimensional analysis, comprehensively evaluate the corresponding potential risk value, the probability of various faults and their causes, and carry out risk early warning. At the same time, it provides a friendly standard data interface for the comprehensive analysis of a variety of sensor data and monitoring data, provides data and information services for production management and other systems, and provides basic data and technical support for fully mining the value of electricity and mastering the information of electricity operation and comprehensive decision-making

in recent years, as China has promoted the construction of ubiquitous power IOT, more and more people have entered the market to provide information-based and intelligent services for all links of the power system. For example, AVIC AVIC uses drones to improve the efficiency of electric line patrol, while Jiangxing intelligence focuses on edge computing technology and empowers energy industries such as power through the output of technical services... Facing the increasing pressure of market competition, Du Yong believes that what lanhui needs to do is to deeply tap customer needs and carry out in-depth operation and maintenance, which is the key to whether there are all kinds of plastics to choose from and do a good job in b-end services

at present, lanhui cooperates with the maintenance branch of Chongqing Electric Power Company, Inner Mongolia power transmission and transformation Co., Ltd., China Gezhouba Group Power Co., Ltd., Gansu Power Transmission and Transformation Engineering Co., Ltd., Shandong Electric Group, etc

as a science and technology project of deep ploughing energy services, lanhui has more than 50 on-the-job employees, 80% of whom are R & D personnel. Among them, Du Yong, the general manager, once worked in the national power system, has been engaged in the power engineering industry for nearly 30 years, and is familiar with the operation and supervision methods of the power industry; Yan Zheng, the person in charge of algorithm, has been engaged in big data marketing and artificial intelligence technology research in the power industry for more than 10 years; Wang Daquan, the head of research and development, has successfully developed many industry projects in the Pearl River Delta

for the future development of the company, Du Yong said that lanhui will continue to iterate the system and optimize the AI system, and will accelerate the expansion of the market and expand the scale of talents

it is reported that lanhui has a financing plan in the near future. It is expected to raise 5-10 million yuan, which will be used to pay for labor costs, production products, R & D equipment, marketing promotion, etc

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