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Abstract: with the strategic transformation of China's economic development and the concept of made in China 2025 and industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry has ushered in a new wave of development. In this context, more and more traditional enterprises feel heavy pressure and start the road of transformation and change

with the strategic transformation of China's economic development and the concept of made in China 2025 and industry 4.0, the manufacturing industry has ushered in a new wave of development. In this context, more and more traditional enterprises feel heavy pressure and start the road of transformation and change. For manufacturing enterprises, how to deploy enterprise intelligent manufacturing solutions? How to establish an intelligent manufacturing construction system with its own characteristics? How to plan the enterprise digital transformation and upgrading platform? You will find some inspiration from the series of theme articles on "the way of intelligent change in manufacturing industry" carefully written by "SAP intelligent manufacturing community". This series of articles will focus on the key technologies of intelligent manufacturing, the core solutions of intelligent manufacturing, and how enterprises in various industries promote intelligent manufacturing, hoping to give you and your enterprise a hint of inspiration

at present, with the steady progress of intelligent manufacturing strategy in manufacturing industry, more and more intelligent technologies are applied to the intelligent transformation process of industry. When the products of enterprises become more intelligent, people and things begin to realize interconnection, personalized customization, and the consumption concept realizes the information connection between consumers and manufacturers, the new product innovation mode is also gradually formed unconsciously, which urges manufacturing enterprises to rethink how to promote product innovation in the new era? How to meet customers' increasingly personalized product needs in a competitive environment with a shorter product life cycle

challenges faced by the traditional product design process

through the investigation of the product design process of current manufacturing enterprises, it is found that in the production and R & D process of many enterprises, an average of 33% of the time is wasted on valueless value-added work; Engineers and product developers have 20% of the time to work on the basis of outdated information; 70% of engineers and product developers need to wait two days or more to get updated designs and information from internal or external relevant personnel; 37% of the project failures are caused by the failure to properly manage customer needs. The survey results have clearly shown that the traditional product innovation model has been difficult to adapt to the product design needs of the intelligent era

facing this situation, enterprises must reposition and think about product innovation mode. What kind of tools should enterprises use for collaboration? How to use correct product data for product design? How to master more information in the top-down business process? How to connect customers' needs with products? How to judge the impact of changes on each object of the product? There are a series of problems that need to be solved

to realize the transformation and innovation of product design mode, it is necessary to establish a highly intelligent integration of design information, production information, user use and feedback information under the intelligent manufacturing system architecture, from the generation of intelligent requirements to the acquisition of basic design data, from intelligent user participatory design to being able to directly transform into production information and be implemented

new ideas of product design in the era of intelligence

new ideas of product design in the era of intelligence are mainly reflected in three aspects, namely, new products, new business models and new processes

1) new products. Nowadays, intelligent products can not only support intelligent product design as a tool, but also put forward new requirements for the product design concept of the new era. On the one hand, engineers can use intelligent products to realize the innovation and change of R & D mode. At the same time, in terms of function, the complex structure of intelligent products also makes the design and innovation process of products more complex

2) new business model. With the rapid development of user's personalized needs of wood plastic composites, China's plastic and wood industry has ushered in the spring. In order to better promote market development and allow consumers to participate in the innovative design of products, it is beneficial for enterprises to control market demand. Through diversified collaboration, demand driven intelligent product research and development, as well as product intelligence analysis implemented throughout the entire value chain, it can help enterprises accelerate intelligent product innovation

3) new process. By establishing the two foundations of diversified system design and demand driven intelligent R & D, the R & D process of enterprises will also be adjusted to meet this demand. Enterprises can assign permissions to different roles by inviting internal or external participants, store data safely and reliably, and realize remote collaborative interaction through the built-in three-dimensional viewer. The integrated inbox can view work items in time and directly open content and shared documents

Schunk is the world's largest manufacturer of static expansion fixture system and the world's largest claw manufacturer, and its development and production of automatic gripping mechanism has always been at the forefront of its peers in Europe and even the world. XiongKe's products are mainly used in the field of machinery and automation, and there are thousands of product series with different specifications. In order to promote the realization of demand driven digital innovation in the real-time engineering scene, XiongKe company used SAP intelligent product design scheme to realize the virtual real integration based on the concept of digital twins, so that engineers can provide 360 degree holographic view of fixture according to real-time data and deeply understand the details of equipment

with SAP intelligent product design scheme, product managers can directly access fixture related information, such as product structure or three-dimensional model, and can also track the performance of on-site assets. At the same time, according to the field data, we can see the horsepower data of fixture design and the actual horsepower data of customers. This means that enterprises can use this information to promote engineering changes. In addition, the product manager can easily start the design and development of a new product to meet the market demand. Through product design collaboration, it provides a powerful virtual platform for real-time R & D collaboration among departments. For manufacturers like XiongKe, SAP intelligent product design has great application potential

by comprehensively analyzing the product design needs of current manufacturing enterprises and combining with the sap intelligent product design application case of XiongKe company, we can sort out the main value points that SAP intelligent product design scheme can help traditional product design to intelligent product design, including:

1) through cloud applications, suppliers or partners can be simply added to collaboration in the form of invitations, It also supports offline synchronization of various types of mobile devices

2) after integration with the background DMS system, it can easily upload and download the engineering structure related to the product, and release the existing reusable product model

3) control more product information in the top-down business process, so that the working state is clear at a glance, and at the same time, you can use the three-dimensional view of tools to judge the design

4) structurally define and manage requirements, connecting customer needs with products. Requirements can be directly linked to documents, product master data, and bill of materials

5) judge the impact of the change on the product, and analyze the affected objects, so as to take corresponding measures directly

sap believes that the new idea of product design in the era of intelligence is the three elements, namely, diversified real-time collaboration to ensure the consistency of product data among extended enterprises; Demand driven product development ensures the correlation between customer needs and product data, so that the data in the whole life cycle is traceable; Real time intelligent product analysis enables product developers and users to have comprehensive control over products and take effective measures quickly, but the cold weather makes transportation difficult

sap intelligent product design solution

sap s/4hana cloud platform intelligent product design solution helps manufacturing enterprises accelerate intelligent product innovation through diversified collaboration, demand driven intelligent product research and development, and real-time product intelligent analysis throughout the entire value chain. By establishing a reliable way of cooperation, we can achieve seamless connection with external customers, real-time insight into the situation and feedback the design. Establish traceability and transparency between customer requirements and product data

sap cloud based intelligent product R & D solution can mainly realize the following six functions:

1) realize real-time collaborative communication across enterprises. Users hope to communicate with the design team and partners at the early stage of the product and exchange some opinions and working documents. SAP intelligent product R & D solutions can establish collaborative workspaces and invite internal or external participants. During collaboration, corresponding permissions are provided according to different roles of participants. Provide safe and reliable storage space, and share content through different devices. The built-in three-dimensional viewer facilitates a comprehensive understanding of products in the process of collaboration

2) improve collaborative Transparency Based on workflow. Based on workflow, the communication between participants is more smooth. The integrated inbox can view work items in time, and directly open collaborative content and shared files. It can also be integrated with file systems that support CMIS

3) cooperate with the actual product data. Users want to synchronize internal documents directly in the collaborative workspace when communicating with the design team and partners. SAP intelligent product R & D solution can upload relevant documents directly to a collaborative workspace from SAP document management system, and update the seamless set of documents in the collaborative workspace to sap DMS for use with SAP s/4hana 1709 on premise

4) drive product research and development according to clear needs. Users need to ensure that the developed products can meet all needs and quickly judge the impact of needs. SAP intelligent product development solutions can centrally manage requirements to promote better interaction, and associate requirements with various objects to provide more comprehensive traceability. The demand impact analysis function can provide more accurate consideration for the change of a demand, and adopt the standardized demand interaction format. China Zhongwang has already carried out layout parts in this field and carried out demand exchange and discussion between different companies

5) manage complex product structure through modular system engineering. Complex product requirements integrate the capabilities of multiple diversified teams to complete research and development. SAP intelligent product R & D solution can capture and manage system architecture, system analysis and system design. Find problems and omissions as early as possible, so as to reduce the error rate. It can also analyze the system from multiple perspectives, and use visual analysis to help enterprises better understand the system and promote communication with various participants

6) the R & D status is transparent, which is convenient for taking effective measures. Users hope to easily access relevant information from all aspects to quickly take necessary measures, or better understand and make use of customer feedback. SAP intelligent product R & D solution can ensure the transparency of R & D progress. At present, it can provide requirements, collaboration, three-dimensional product display map and other functions, and also open the use of non customized functions. The incomplete, unsmooth, uneven and tone of the painted surface are also mentioned to provide insight into relevant objects, capture data from various systems and take measures

with the continuous deepening of the transformation strategy of Intelligent Manufacturing in the manufacturing industry, intelligent product research and development

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