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As the saying goes, accessories are the soul of a machine. A machine without accessories is a time bomb and faces paralysis at any time. With accessories, how to assemble them? The following are some assembly skills of Dongfanghong tractor accessories

if there is an oil hole, it must be aligned with the corresponding oil passage hole on the machine body and cylinder head to avoid friction caused by oil cut-off of the valve mechanism on the cylinder head. If there is no oil passage hole and the positive and negative shapes are the same, it is determined by the material of the cylinder head: for the aluminum alloy cylinder head, the crimping side of the cylinder head should face the cylinder block; For cast iron cylinder heads, the crimping side of the cylinder head should face the cylinder head

pistons and piston rings

pistons with upward arrow marks on the top should be installed in the direction specified by the marks; If there is no mark, the swirl pit on the piston top or the small notch next to the pit should be facing the side of the injector. Maybe the fault will be eliminated sometimes after the change, so as to ensure the uniform mixing of gas. When assembling piston rings, those marked with up, up, etc. on the top should face up; If there is no mark on the top of the twisted ring, its inner circle groove or chamfer should face down; Chrome plated rings (shiny shell) should be installed in the first piston ring groove, and the openings of each ring should be staggered by 120~180 degrees to ensure its sealing effect

connecting rod and connecting rod cap

"This is beneficial to the environment and economy.

the connecting rod of Dongfanghong horizontal diesel engine is divided by 45 degrees, and the section should be downward to improve the stress condition of connecting rod bolts. The connecting rod cap and connecting rod are processed in pairs, and the matching marks should be on the same side during assembly, so as to ensure that the roundness and cylindricity of connecting rod bearings meet the specified requirements.

main bearing cap, bearing bush, bushing

main bearing cap and body bearing seat are used For pairing boring, the seat shall be placed according to the pairing mark. It is not allowed to exchange or change the assembly direction at will, so as not to damage the coaxiality and dimensional accuracy of the main bearing seat hole. For the bearing bush or bushing with oil hole, the corresponding oil passage hole on the bearing seat and bushing hole shall be aligned to ensure the smooth oil passage

the transmission forks at both ends should be in the same plane to avoid torsional vibration and damage to the transmission components. If the transmission chain adopts a safety clip, the direction of its open end should be opposite to the direction of chain movement to avoid falling off due to collision during movement

if there is an upward arrow mark, it should point to the rotation direction of the tire when moving forward; If there is no mark, look at the driving wheel from the back of the locomotive, and the top of its splay or herringbone pattern should face upward

if one end is coarse thread and the other end is fine thread, screw the tension of the new material produced by the coarse thread end into the machine body 8 times as much as before; If both ends of the bolt are fine teeth, the shorter end should be screwed into the machine body to ensure that the cylinder head can be compressed

oil pump and fuel injection pump

if the oil adopts planetary rotor type, the chamfer of the outer rotor should be facing the pump body, so as to prevent the oil from circulating in the pump and reducing the pump oil pressure without changing the forming force. The crescent shaped positioning groove on the fuel injection nozzle shaft plug sleeve should be aligned with the positioning hole on the pump body, and the mark (or oil return groove) on the plunger should be installed upward to avoid non oil supply or diesel engine runaway

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