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Even if you’re a keen student of military history, you may not have heard of the Royal Air Force Eagle Squadrons. Like a great many unusual stories that always emerge as a result of war, they have largely been lost to time, but in my mind, they are some of the greatest American heroes in history, and represent everything that is – or was – magnificent about the United States.Today News || UK News?

I could write at length about these chaps, but shall control my dewy-eyed urges and keep it brief. In short, they were Americans who volunteered for service in the RAF before the Americans entered the war, and against the wishes of their governmentThe Olympics despit. Some had been pilots in the US military, although if memory serves they were not a majority; they were all, however, united in their belief that the right thing to do was to enlist with the people who were actually fighting the Nazissteering wheel locks and a use for your old music CDs.

I once asked an American army friend of mine as to why there had never been a movie made about them. What, hot-shot pilots fighting the good fight when their own government didn’t want them to? I’d never heard anything so square-jawed, steely-eyed American. My friend looked at me blankly. “Because2021-04-10T12:17:00Z,” he said, “they make the rest of us look bad.” And in thatThe second quarter o, I can see his point.?

They’ve been very much in mind lately with the abundance of foreign volunteers who have travelled to Ukraine. The other – arguably more obvious – comparison is those other figures of history who fought in the Spanish Civil War, but since matters were a little more ad hoc in that case, I shall cheerfully ignore it; after all, the foreigners who have travelled to Ukraine are enlisting in the Kyiv government’s armed forces, not ideological militias:1618145121091,.?

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