Stealth paint will become the future star of milit

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Stealth coating will become the future star of military science and technology

since ancient times, the country with leading science and technology must be the country with leading military technology. Leading military technology can not only enhance the international status, but also improve the national security factor. As a special group in the coating family, stealth coatings play a vital role in China's military science and technology

first let's learn about this special coating family. Stealth coatings are also called radar absorbing materials. Radar absorbing materials are the most important stealth materials, especially structural radar absorbing materials and radar absorbing coatings. Stealth coatings can be used not only for military but also for civil use. The military can be used to coat the appearance of weapons and equipment, anti radar detection, and manufacture stealth aircraft, warships, tanks, missiles, command posts, communication vehicles, tents, clothing, etc. Civil products can prevent electromagnetic wave leakage or interference, and manufacture shielding room, large computer room, communication data exchange center machine room, medical instruments, microwave oven, etc

stealth technology originated during World War II. After the exploration period in the 1960s, it entered the stage of all-round development in the 1970s. It was only in the 1980s and 1990s that it was applied to military compatibility and comprehensive performance technology. At present, stealth technology has entered the stage of in-depth research and wide application. Throughout the development history of stealth coatings, it is not difficult to find that stealth coatings are the focus of the development of modern military science and technology. As the big brother of military science and technology, the United States has always been in an international leading position in the research and application of stealth technology. So far, the United States has developed 17 kinds of quasi stealth aircraft and helicopters, 8 kinds of stealth aircraft and 12 kinds of unmanned stealth aircraft, with a total of 37 kinds. Stealth technology is not only applied to aircraft, but also to ships, missiles, tanks and so on. For example, American m1a1/A2/a2sep main battle tanks, Russian t-80u/UD/um/Um2 tanks and Japanese type 90 main battle tanks are excellent achievements of stealth technology

in terms of stealth coatings, China has been reducing noise pollution and keeping up with the world's most advanced technology. Now it has independently developed the first special armed helicopter - wuzhi-10. Wuzhi-10 has excellent combat performance, high technical content, powerful firepower, advanced avionics system, and its overall performance has reached the international advanced level. Although it does not have the ability of stealth, it reduces radar and infrared signals through domestic stealth coatings, which is the same as the detection results of stealth coatings

China's military technology, especially cutting-edge technology, has always been the focus of the world. The stealth of fighters and warships in radar detection is also the focus of the development of modern science and technology. As the core technology of stealth technology, stealth coating is the top priority of continuous research and development in China and even all countries in the world. In view of the limitations of scientific research conditions, there is still a certain gap between China's stealth coatings and technologies and some industrial developed countries, but it is undeniable that the successful development of wuzhi-10 shows that China has the strength to break through the bottleneck of stealth coatings and technologies in the coming years. Multifunctional stealth coatings will inevitably be an important branch and key subject of special coatings in the future

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