Shanxi has successfully developed an environment-f

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Shanxi has successfully developed environment-friendly metal coating brightener

Shanxi has successfully developed the national patented shock energy absorption system. Environment-friendly metal coating brightener

May 24, 2005

a new coating process without toxicity and pollution, which is used in the field of metal surface treatment - environment-friendly metal coating brightener, has been successfully developed by Shanxi Quwo Mingtong sterilization and anti-corrosion equipment factory. The new metal coating process uses film-forming brightener, preservative, metal salt and reducing agent to carry out some matters needing attention in the operation of oxygen waterproof coil tensile testing machine, and solves the serious problems of large investment, high energy consumption and environmental pollution in the traditional electroplating process; No DC power supply is required in production and the operation is simple. When coating, the metal workpiece with oil removed on the surface is directly placed in the coating solution and treated for 60min to achieve the effect of bright as a mirror; It has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Because there is no influence of current distribution on the processing of plated parts, it can obtain a uniform bright layer on the surface of workpieces with complex shapes, and has the characteristics of high hardness, strong adhesion, non-toxic, no pollution, convenient use and low cost. Widely used in hardware, building materials, electromechanical, metallurgy, textile, chemical and other industries

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