Haoting has now joined industrial Internet Allianc

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Haoting has now joined the industrial interconnection Alliance (IIC)

Shanghai. Since December 7, 2015, Haoting has been participating in many national and international committees, associations and organizations. This makes Haoting technology group a pioneer in every step of promoting technology development, and benefits from the experience of other companies in the industry

Haoting recently became a member of the industrial interconnection Alliance (IIC). Headquartered in nedham, Massachusetts, USA, the association is committed to developing Interconnection Technologies for industrial applications. It was founded by at t, Cisco, Ge, IBM and Intel in march2014. There are more than 200 companies in the world, including Haoting users who are willing to carry out experiments on startup

the development brought about by IOT will still be the biggest focus in the next few years. Haoting will play an active role in the experiment of new technology. IIC membership means that we will always be at the forefront of new developments. Dr. Frank brode, senior vice president of Haoting new technology department, explained

Frank BR, senior vice president of Haoting new technology department, achieved good results in pre shipment inspection. Dr. ode and IIC mark

about Haoting:

Haoting Technology Group is a leading global supplier in the field of industrial connection technology. Its products guarantee the three lifelines of power, signal and data. It has 12 production plants in the world and has subsidiaries in 42 countries. The company also produces equipment related to the checkout area, electric vehicle components, hardware and software in the fields of automation technology, robotics and transportation for customers. In fiscal year 2013/14, 4200 employees jointly generated € 547million in revenue


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