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Schmeiser comes from safety, and finally Safety - introduces anti riot switch products

recently, Schmeiser group launched a series of explosion-proof switch products, which can be used in flammable and explosive environments such as whether the gas, steam and powder feeding journey is too long or not enough for dust, and meet the requirements of zone 2 and 22 in the European ATEX 95 directive

limit switches 235 and 335 series, with metal shell, are well designed and can provide a variety of operating head structures, which are suitable for reliable positioning of machines and their components in these environments. The magnetic switch has less heat dissipation and can be used in explosive environment with high temperature. Even if it is powered on for a long time, the surface temperature will not rise. IP67 protection grade, it can also work reliably in dusty occasions

in the field of safety protection, Schmeiser can provide bns33, bns120, bns180, bns250, bns300 series explosion-proof magnetic switches; In non safety field, bn20 series explosion-proof products can be provided. Similarly, the safety door switches az16 and az17 series of Schmeiser also provide explosion-proof products. The safety door lock azm170161415 can be used in flammable and explosive dust environment. For safety door monitoring without cables, shgv ATEX is your best choice

products are widely used in printing, spraying, fuel station, textile, chemical, waste treatment, petrochemical, plastic manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, food processing and other places to ensure the safety of people and machines

as always, shimeisai adheres to the enterprise tenet of "safe life and safe work" and provides customers with the best security protection solutions

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