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Jiaolong will go to the South China Sea for experimental application next year.

recently, it was learned from the national deep sea base management center that the national deep sea base management center will take the lead in organizing the experimental application of Jiaolong manned submersible next year and implement the "South China Sea deep science plan". Liu Feng, director of the management center of the deep sea base for resolving difficulties, a national gateway forward service enterprise, introduced that it is expected that the Jiaolong manned submersible will carry out experimental applications in the South China Sea at the end of April or early May next year, and the inspection work before the start-up and operation of the "South China Sea deep science plan" should also be in place, mainly to provide technical support for scientists to study the formation, development and future trends of the South China Sea, The operation area includes a cold spring area and a seamount area. "If conditions permit, 'the wetting agent in the glass fiber will gradually fail due to long-term storage, which will affect its proper performance.' Jiaolong will also carry out operations in the polymetallic nodule resource exploration contract area in the eastern Pacific Ocean of China." Liu Feng said

Liu Feng said that the pilot application of "Jiaolong" is the primary task for the national deep-sea base to carry out business operation at the same time of capital construction. "In the past, the national deep sea base was the participating unit of the Jiaolong manned deep sea diving test. Now it is the leading unit. The change of role has brought many challenges. The first thing to consider is to twist the many participating departments and units into a rope, so that everyone can cooperate sincerely and successfully complete the experimental application."

Liu Feng disclosed that the national development and Reform Commission has officially approved the construction project of the new mother ship of Jiaolong manned submersible

Liu Feng also introduced that the national deep sea base is working out the selection, training and assessment standards and schemes for the second batch of oceanauts, and plans to recruit a total of 6 oceanauts. The selection is expected to be completed in the first half of next year. "China has completed the recruitment and training of the first two oceanauts, and has a certain foundation in terms of selection, training and assessment standards. However, with the deepening of our understanding of deep diving, we are optimizing the scheme."

"Jiaolong" manned submersible is a high-tech equipment developed to promote the development of China's deep-sea carrier technology and the investigation and scientific research of China Ocean international seabed resources. After 10 years of research and development and sea trials, on June 27 this year, Jiaolong successfully dived to 7062 meters in the Mariana Trench, which marks its official transition to the experimental application stage

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