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Extreme weather phenomena such as high temperature, too much rain and too wet often occur in summer. It has never been considered a good season for home decoration. In fact, paying attention to some important matters during decoration construction in summer can also avoid quality problems

extreme weather phenomena of too high temperature, too much rain and too humidity often occur in summer. It has never been considered a good season for home decoration. In fact, paying attention to some important matters during decoration construction in summer can also avoid quality problems. With the advent of the peak decoration season, in order to reduce formaldehyde pollution as much as possible, people are buying fewer wood-based panels, and the use of glass, stainless steel and other materials is growing rapidly. Glass doors and windows, partitions and glass decoration are very popular in home decoration. However, if the glass specification is selected incorrectly, it is easy to cause injury to personnel. Using non safety glass during decoration is like installing a bomb in your home, and the consequences will be unimaginable

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I. current situation: safety glass is neglected

glass doors and windows will explode when they are used with wrong specifications, heated unevenly and installed improperly, so safety glass should be used. Compared with ordinary glass, safety glass is not easy to cause harm to human body after it is cracked. An owner proposed that even the installed tempered glass may not be safe. At present, the state stipulates that safety glass needs to pass the 3C certification before it can be sold in the market, but the glass sales in the market are confused. Some fake and shoddy glasses only meet the tempering requirements in thickness, but the glass process cannot meet the requirements. In the building materials market, the reporter visited fiveorsix glass stores in the name of processing glass partitions and glass doors. Only one owner reminded the reporter that it was best to use tempered glass, and the others unanimously recommended thickened float glass processing. The shopkeeper told reporters that the price of float glass doors per square meter ranged from 50— 60 yuan, but if tempered glass is used, the price difference will be 4 times. Therefore, among users who process glass doors and glass partitions, more than 80% of customers actively require the use of float glass, but safety glass is ignored

II. Reminder: safety glass must be used in 8 parts of the room

according to Chengdu decoration company, the state promulgated the technical specification for the application of building glass as early as 1997 and revised it again in 2003. On December 4, 2003, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of construction, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued the "Regulations on the administration of building safety glass" (implemented from January 1, 2004). Among the 11 decoration parts that must use safety glass, there are as many as 8 indoor decoration parts. Including ceiling like (including skylight, daylighting roof) and ceiling; Stairs, balconies, platform corridors; And bathroom shower partition, bathtub partition and bathroom door. For door glass and fixed door glass, the regulations require that when the glass area is greater than or equal to 0.5 square meters, framed glass should use safety glass; Frameless glass must be safety glass with a thickness of not less than 10mm

in home decoration, indoor partitions and bathroom glass are the most sensitive parts. Indoor partition doors and fixed doors are the main dangerous areas vulnerable to human impact. Therefore, when using ordinary annealed glass with frame support, the area of its plate surface must be limited. If laminated, wired or ordinary annealed glass is used for frameless glass doors and fixed doors, once it is impacted and broken, large pieces of debris will fall off and fly away due to the lack of frame support, causing serious injury to human body. Therefore, a kind of glass that is not easy to crack when hit, and even if it breaks, the fragments are not easy to hurt people. Tempered glass with a thickness of more than 10 mm just meets the requirements

the floors and walls in the bathroom are often contaminated with water. When people walk or hold the wall with their hands, they are prone to slip and fall, which may hit the glass partition and shower screen related to the bathroom. Therefore, the framed glass used for shower partition and bathtub partition should use tempered glass, single piece fire-proof glass and laminated glass. All frameless glass in the bathroom except the door shall use tempered glass, single piece fire-proof glass and laminated glass not less than 5mm. The frameless glass door in the bathroom should use tempered glass with a thickness of not less than 10mm. In case of serious injury to human body after collision with glass

in addition, windows are opened outside buildings with 7 floors and above; Window glass with an area of more than 1.5 square meters or floor to ceiling windows with glass edges less than 500 mm from the final decoration surface; Inclined windows of inclined roofs, various ceilings (including skylights, daylighting roofs) and suspended ceilings; Railings in stairs, balconies, platform corridors and atrium; The ground panel used to bear pedestrian walking; Aquarium; Other parts that are vulnerable to impact and impact and cause human injury need to use safety glass

III. recommendation: four kinds of high-quality glass can ensure safety

at present, there are four kinds of safety glass on the market: tempered glass, laminated glass, semi tempered laminated glass, and tempered laminated glass. The price of laminated glass is relatively high. Generally, the price of 5mm thick laminated glass is 130 yuan per square meter; Tempered glass is relatively cheap, with the same thickness of 5mm, and its price is only 50 yuan per square meter

when the tempered glass is broken, the whole glass is broken into small particles, which is not easy to hurt people. However, once broken, this kind of glass cannot prevent the penetration of the glass impactor and fall to the ground. If the fragments do not fall from a very high place, the damage of the glass fragments to the people and property below will be reduced to a very small extent because the glass fragments are small and harmless

the laminated glass will firmly adhere to the transparent bonding material without splashing or falling under the condition of fragmentation. If the full outer frame is added when using this kind of glass, the fragments will remain in the frame without splashing when the impact leading to the fracture is not particularly strong, and it can also prevent wind and rain in a short time, so that people and objects inside the building will not be damaged

semi toughened laminated glass is a semi toughened laminated glass formed by two pieces of semi toughened glass through interlayer When this kind of glass is broken, it will break into large pieces like annealed glass. However, after the glass breaks, the glass fragments will firmly adhere to the transparent bonding material without splashing or falling. Similarly, if the glass has a full frame and the impact leading to fracture is not very strong, the possibility of large pieces of debris falling is also relatively small

toughened laminated glass is a toughened laminated safety glass formed by two pieces of toughened safety glass through interlayer. When broken, the glass will break into obtuse small particles. The fragments will be firmly adhered to the transparent bonding material, which is not easy to hurt people. However, when two pieces of glass are also broken, the whole laminated glass may fall out of the frame

in contrast, float flat glass, single piece of semi tempered glass (heat strengthened glass), single piece of wired glass, etc. do not belong to safety glass. When it is broken, the crack of the whole piece of glass extends from the hit point to the edge, forming radial scattered pieces. The fragments are sharp and easy to hurt people





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