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Liu Ping, general manager of Chengdu ouliya door industry Co., Ltd. was interviewed by the reporter of wooden door world. Interviewee: Liu Ping, general manager of Chengdu ouliya door industry Co., Ltd. wooden door world: in recent years, with the intensification of industrial competition, many enterprises have embarked on the road of transformation, or integrating resources to expand home furnishings, or upgrading brand services to highlight brand value. What do you think and experience about this

Mr. Liu: as the saying goes, "sail against the current, or retreat". Wooden doors, as the field of building materials and home furnishings, are no exception. Especially in recent years, with the upgrading of the industry, this competition is evolving towards collectivization, diversification, branding and everyone's habitation. This requires us to build our own unique competitiveness in order to stand out in this pattern

from the performance of many enterprises at present, we can see that the directions we are looking for are three modes: horizontal large home expansion, in-depth development and cross industry trial. While Oriya Mumen believes that "it is better to have one bird in hand than a hundred birds in the forest". Instead of blindly diversifying and pursuing industrial transformation, it is better to do what you are best at, and realize the in-depth development of the enterprise with more systematic thinking and operation

Eurasia wooden door has put forward the business philosophy of "responsibility, integrity, efficiency and leadership" since its inception, aiming to continuously strengthen the brand's software and hardware configuration, bring customers more in line with the current decoration style, and set an example for performance in products and services. Starting from the in-depth design and research and development of products, the company continues to strengthen customers' experience of products, meet customers' personalized home decoration needs through design marketing, bring customers full and thoughtful service through "golden key service", and continue to bring customers more fashionable and powerful wooden door products

wooden door world: as a wooden door brand with a development history of more than ten years, how does Oriya establish its own brand image in the industry and consumers

president Liu: after years of development, Oriya has come down to earth step by step. The brand Oriya wooden door has won respect in both the industry and the hearts of consumers, which mainly stems from Oriya's lasting and eternal quality and honest service. In fact, to make products is to make people's character. Whether it is the rise of raw materials or the rise of labor costs, Eurya will always adhere to its own quality unchanged. It will not reduce the cost of quality due to the rise of materials and labor prices, but will only digest it internally by strengthening management

wooden door world: the wooden door of Eurya not only has the function of door, but also shows a style and quality of life. Can you briefly introduce the characteristics of Oriya's wooden door

president Liu: at present, the product system of ouliya is relatively perfect, covering wooden doors, wallboards, cabinets, sliding doors, etc. the biggest feature and advantage of the product is completely independent research and development and independent production. As the basic product of ouliya's development, wooden doors have advanced technology and technological advantages of many years of production. The production and materials of wooden door products have determined the quality of products. After market research, in order to effectively mute, the thickness of the wooden door leaf was increased to 46mm; In order to ensure the stability of the door leaf, the wooden door leaf is filled with pure wood, weighing up to 40 kg; In order to be green and healthy, the wooden door is filled with camphor wood to emit fragrance and purify the air; For the stability of door pocket, it is upgraded to log line

wooden door world: the positioning of after-sales service of Eurya is "once owned, lifelong enjoyment". At present, consumers pay more and more attention to after-sales service. What are the highlights of ouliya's after-sales service

president Liu: I think the most important point is to straighten out the mentality of the enterprise and dare to undertake. Our products can stand the test of consumers and accept their suggestions. The company has long established a professional after-sales service department. If consumers find product problems or have objections to products, they can contact the local franchise store to coordinate with the company's after-sales department for solutions. We will come up with reliable solutions and implementation plans at the first time according to customer feedback. The company's after-sales service system complies with the seven core values - "worry free, reassuring, reassuring, comfortable, happy, intimate and warm", which are then conveyed to every consumer

"wooden door world": having an elite team can be said to be a powerful addition to the development of the enterprise, so how will Aurelia build her own team in the next development

president Liu: the company carries forward the enterprise spirit of "unity, diligence, efficiency and innovation", and "survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest" is the only law of enterprise competition. In the current competitive market environment, wooden door enterprises want to survive and develop in the market, in addition to having advanced ideas, correct decisions and products that meet market needs, they also need a team of people from top to bottom to move forward bravely. Eurya follows the following points in building an elite team: 1. Excellent leadership; 2. Unified team consciousness; 3. Efficient execution; 4. Good communication




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