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Recently, the 58th Milan International Furniture Exhibition opened in Milan. The scene was very popular and received close attention from Chinese and foreign designers. So, what is the global household fashion trend in the second half of 2019

home style is the same as popular clothing

reflects the aesthetic needs of the public in different periods

pursue fashion and follow the trend

whether it's fashion or home decoration

we pay more attention to the trend of popular home while stressing the principle of practicality

let life practical and aesthetics go hand in hand

recently, the 58th Milan International Furniture Exhibition opened in Milan, and the scene was very popular, It has received close attention from Chinese and foreign designers, which can be described as the focus of attention

Milan exhibition is known as "the Oscar of the world furniture design industry", which represents the wind vane of global furniture, home furnishings, architecture, accessories, lamps and lanterns, and also represents the design concept and trend in the field of home design in the future

then, what is the global household fashion trend in the second half of 2019

minimalism is the mainstream

all major brands have transformed at this Milan exhibition. Under the influence of the tide of modernism, minimalism has become the mainstream of the whole household industry. The simple and neat lines still have infinite appeal, and the public loves minimalism more than ever before

popularity index: ☆☆☆☆

style overview: minimalism is a design style that pursues simplicity to the extreme, giving people a clear sense of simplicity and tidiness. The office design with black and white colors and flexible lines seems to create a simple, cold and quiet design atmosphere. Minimalism pursues removing gorgeous decorations, abandoning cumbersome design and highlighting the theme, striving to return the whole home environment to the pure essence, overflowing with the aesthetic feeling without carving, and building a natural and comfortable space atmosphere through the plain and natural log materials

it gives people purity and peace of mind

extremely simple style, simple but not simple, and the simplicity shows style, which caters to the tastes of modern young people. The fast pace of urban busyness has already bored us with lights and wine, so we want to create a quiet, peaceful, bright, spacious, comfortable and natural home to eliminate the fatigue of work

modern light luxury is just under

in this year's Milan exhibition, the number of luxury pavilions has increased from 2 last year to 3. Modern light luxury has become a mainstream trend that cannot be ignored

popularity index: ☆☆☆☆

style overview: light luxury style abandons the traditional sense of luxury, simplifies decoration, returns to nature, and strives to show the simple and comfortable, low-key and introverted quality of life without losing noble and luxurious. The whole is based on the minimalist home decoration style, highlighting the overall texture through exquisite soft decoration elements, so that every detail shows high quality and high taste

let refinement be integrated into every detail of life

modern light luxury style keeps modern simplicity and lightness, goes to complexity and saves essence, annotates elegance and luxury with smooth metal lines and refined soft clothing elements, and has a gorgeous but not publicized, elegant but not luxurious life attitude

mix and match style is becoming fashionable

in the past, our impression of trendy home style was minimalist, extravagant and indifferent. However, at this Milan exhibition, colorful home design began to enter the public's vision, and mix and match style gradually became a fashion

popularity index: ☆☆

style overview: mixing and matching is to weaken the ready-made style on the premise of ensuring overall harmony and nature, blend the favorite elements of various home styles into one room, blend Eastern and Western cultures, collide ancient and modern aesthetics, and let various elements burst out different aesthetic feelings in the intersection and reflection, so as to create a personalized home space to meet the diversified, personalized Fashionable home style requirements

the personalized urban cabin you want

mix and match style will mix and match bright colors, reinterpret the fashion rules with a clear attitude, show a high-profile diversity of unique personality, and attract people's attention

new Chinese style is rising

surprisingly, only one classical furniture museum, which originally occupied half of the Milan exhibition, has been retained. Under the impact of modernism, there is no doubt that classical home design is gradually at a disadvantage and decadent. However, in China, with the addition of new elements and new concepts in 2019, the new Chinese style will glow again in growth and will be more suitable for the appearance of young consumer groups

popularity index: ☆☆☆☆

style overview: the new Chinese style continues the Chinese national cultural heritage and oriental charm, and has both traditional Chinese style and modern simple style as a whole. It will not have the dull feeling of Chinese/classical style, nor the monotonous feeling of simplicity, giving people a sense of calm and generous, rich in connotation, and simplicity without losing taste

full of Chinese Oriental feelings

new Chinese style is integrated into Chinese culture, while injecting innovative fashion elements to achieve a free and easy artistic realm. The charm lies not in the abundance, but in the refinement. The beauty of the new Chinese style lies in delivering an atmospheric and elegant high-quality lifestyle, but also allowing residents to personally experience the deep and long oriental ancient charm

the reason why minimalism, modern light luxury, hybrid style and new Chinese style are so popular and so popular with the public has its unique charm. What kind of home style do you like? (welcome to leave a message at the end of the article to share)

in fact, for modern young people, as long as they like it, or can resonate with their own life and emotions and make you happy, it is the style that suits you





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