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Look at Kefan's performance of extraordinary new products with light luxury new products, gift customization and changing year

in the process of continuous development and growth, the customized home furnishing industry has achieved full integration and continuous iterative upgrading, the boundary has been constantly broken, and everything is in a state of rapid change. Facing the consumption upgrading that presents diversified changes, it coincides with the arrival of Shanghai Construction Expo and Guangzhou customized home exhibition at the same time. Kefan customization launched a double exhibition with the theme of "extraordinary", customized new products with 2019 ingenuity, and unveiled a new upgraded series! Kefan brought different new products to Guangzhou Custom Home Exhibition 3c04, and through different light luxury products, it returned to the true quality of life. At the same time, Kefan has invested heavily in customization and used high-quality resources at the gate of Guangzhou Poly exhibition hall to launch advertisements, striving to achieve a three-dimensional publicity effect, attracting the attention of a group of exhibitors, and establishing a good brand image and blooming

group photo of Kefan elite team

building a "global customization city"

with the increasing demand for personalization, personalized customization has become a consumption hotspot, and the new economic form characterized by customization is becoming a new economic growth pole. It coincides with the first day of Guangzhou customized home exhibition, and the press conference of building a "global customization city" in Guangzhou was held in hall 6 of poly exhibition hall. Mr. Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan customization, was invited to attend, Witness the launch of Guangzhou's "global customization capital"

Mr. Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan customization, was invited to attend

customized home furnishing, as an emerging advantageous industry in Guangzhou, has strong strength and broad prospects, which has been valued by the government, and actively creates a new business card of Guangzhou, the "global customization capital"! As a leading brand of customized home furnishings, Kefan customization will give full play to its cross industry influence, build a customization thinking with consumers as the core, promote intelligent manufacturing production to meet the needs of large-scale personalized customization, make positive contributions to building the "customization city of Guangzhou" and jointly promote the development and growth of the customization industry

then, in hall 6 of poly exhibition hall, Kefan reached a brand in-depth strategic cooperation with kujiale, held a press conference to realize the implementation of the design and production integration project, built an integrated system from the front end to the back end, created a unique business model of "big design + smart industry chain" with Kefan's characteristics, and built a whole chain ecosystem of production, marketing and operation through design channels, Realize back-end production, realize data link, and form a series of solutions from order splitting production to ERP data tracking. The front end jointly creates an optimal solution for front-end and back-end integration through powerful system modules, and quickly render and generate 720 ° panorama to perfectly present Kefan's design scheme, so as to realize what you see is what you get for consumers

start with appearance, be loyal to quality

Kefan customization has a deep understanding of popular trends, adheres to the design concept of lesssmore, presents the natural aesthetics of products and space, and allows people living in it to get a real product experience. The design concept of this exhibition is to return to the essence of life, create new products with light luxury style, and advocate LOHAS lifestyle. It covers four spaces: living room, kitchen, cloakroom, and children's room, meeting the beautiful imagination of current mainstream consumers on aesthetics. From last year's composite blue to this year's light luxury new products, they are combining popular colors and ingenious designs to create an artistic sense

when interested investors come to the exhibition site, they can see Kefan series new products: cabinets with glass elements and paint door panels, highlighting the sense of high-end light luxury; Integrate storage and aesthetic design, making the space more artistic; The design integrates quality and appearance, and uses cofan's spring 2019 new materials, which is simple and not simple; In terms of product materials, the unique wall mounted non side plate structure technology is applied, which is highly practical; The new moonlight gray Prague style baking paint door panel has its own handle embellishment, which is more layered; Fashionable and atmospheric glass laminates lead the fashion

Kefan's new product "light pickup" in March 2019

Kefan's new product "phantom" in March 2019 is promising at a new height

in 2019, Guangzhou customized home exhibition upgraded the scale of the exhibition, adding new elements such as smart home and home soft clothing, presenting a bright feast. Under the changing trend of the whole home furnishing industry, Kefan customization closely follows the trend of industry development, takes advantage of the trend, integrates resources in brand, product, production, training, marketing and other sectors, focuses on new marketing development strategies around market demand, and is committed to providing consumers with a complete and intimate home customization consumption experience

this exhibition is a comprehensive presentation of the development strategy of cofan's customized new brand after cofan customized comprehensively upgraded its brand image and launched the new logo and advertising language. The brand culture is vividly interpreted through upgrading exhibition halls, products and other aspects, so that the tension of cofan's brand can be fully reflected

at the same time, Kefan customization continues to upgrade its categories and comprehensively improve its product quality. Relying on information-based big data, it digitally connects the intelligent manufacturing base with stores across the country through two front-end and rear-end software, kujiale and Zhimu, which has effectively accelerated the intelligent production of Guangdong headquarters base and Lu'an Kefan base, and laid a foundation for Kefan customization to achieve comprehensiveness, informatization, systematization and automation

from product design to brand marketing, from intelligent manufacturing strength to word-of-mouth influence, Kefan customization has always been aware of demand changes, firm development strategies, hard work and seek new breakthroughs

solid support is urgently needed

2019 customized change year. The first phase of Kefan customized 600 mu Lu'an production base has been completed and has entered the stage of production, reducing the pressure on Guangdong headquarters, and entering the process of expediting the construction of the second phase of the project, effectively accelerating the pace of Kefan intelligent manufacturing; With the help of the double exhibitions, relying on the momentum of Guangzhou to build a new business card of "the global customization capital", seize the new opportunities for the development of the customized home furnishing industry, firmly move forward to the goal of the thousand store plan, and let customization fly into the homes of ordinary people

whether it is to consolidate production or expand channels, the sum up is "hard work". Kefan will implement the enterprise management system step by step from the aspects of team training, production quality, production delivery, product research and development, channel expansion, brand construction and so on: under the new strategic plan, Kefan will gradually improve the national market layout, deeply develop the blank market, and take "supporting big business", "big alliance" and "giving priority to help" as the core principles, With a professional team and professional services, we can realize the whole process tracking, one-stop service, accurate positioning, and bring you endless business opportunities. At the same time, there is a three-dimensional and effective training system to support the realization of thousands of entrepreneurs' wealth dreams




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