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It is not easy to buy a house, and the decoration should be more careful. For most people who come into contact with decoration for the first time, the Xiaobian believes that it is really necessary to do a good decoration budget in the early stage, so as to facilitate the preparation of funds, and at the same time, to a certain extent, avoid the occurrence of problems such as increases and decreases and budget overruns. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network takes the small house type as an example, and takes you to see how much is the decoration budget of 70 square meters according to the current decoration market

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[the decoration requirements of Wuhan 70 square meters house are as follows]

decoration style: Modern and simple

house structure: two rooms and two halls

decoration method: half package

[70 square meters modern simple style decoration effect picture display]

[Wuhan 70 square meters decoration budget quotation]

[Wuhan 70 square meters decoration budget details are as follows]

Project 1: basic engineering

shoveling the wall (gypsum plaster) 172.40

sealing the door head 223.20

door pocket base (joinery board) 350.00

demolition of brick wall (240 mm) 496.50

light brick wall (120 mm double-sided plastering) 420.00

light brick wall (240mm double-sided plastering) 608.00

painting of openings, beam bottoms and other parts after removing the wall 480.00

removing the bay window 368.40

adding 300.00 powder after removal





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