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Jiawang: promote the plastic turnover box market to change the industrial pattern

Jiawang: promote the plastic turnover box market to change the industrial pattern

ww shorten the activity distance as far as possible: China Construction Machinery Information

Guide: editor's note: on June, 2010, Guangzhou international brand forklift exhibition was grandly held. Wuxi Jiawang precision packaging materials Co., Ltd. took its flagship products to the exhibition. As the most visited and influential Chinese Internet construction machinery industry media in the world, Editor's note: on June, 2010, "Guangzhou international brand forklift Exhibition" was grandly held. Wuxi Jiawang precision packaging materials Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with its flagship products. As the most visited and influential Chinese Internet construction machinery industry media in the world, China Construction Machinery Information () Made a special trip to interview Mr. mingdaxiang, general manager of Wuxi Jiawang precision packaging materials Co., Ltd

Mr. mingdaxiang, general manager of Wuxi Jiawang precision packaging materials Co., Ltd., accepted this interview

the following is the actual record of the interview:

China Construction Machinery Information: Hello, Mr. Ming, would you please first introduce the basic information of Jiawang

president Ming: OK. Our company was founded in 2003. It has always been our philosophy to make effective use of resources and protect the environment and pursue excellent logistics and packaging solutions. We have introduced the most advanced extrusion and injection molding equipment from abroad. Our products include plastic boxes, hollow plates, logistics pallets and European standard boxes. We have made continuous innovation and research, endowed the plastic with conductive, antistatic and other characteristics, and comprehensively and stereoscopically met the logistics and packaging needs of customers. In China, we are a leading enterprise in the field of hollow plate turnover boxes, and we have obtained the famous trademark of Jiangsu Province

China Construction Machinery Information: what are the advantages of your company's products over the same type of products

president Ming: at first, we introduced foreign logistics turnover boxes to China, and then we made our own improvement and innovation. The original price of these large turnover boxes in foreign countries may be RMB. After research and development, we have improved the quality and reduced the cost, thus reducing the price to about 1000 yuan. This is the first advantage of our products, high cost performance. So now many large foreign-funded enterprises use our products. The second advantage is that we pay more attention to environmental protection. At present, most of the logistics boxes are produced with iron as raw material, and we use plastic. Not only does it greatly reduce its own weight, but the impact of plastic raw materials on the environment during production is much less than that of iron raw materials. And our hollow board can be reused. Jiawang is a circular economy demonstration unit in Jiangsu Province. We have been committed to promoting the most advanced products and technologies to the industry, achieving energy conservation, emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection

China Construction Machinery Information: it is understood that Jiawang has been committed to promoting the development of the domestic logistics packaging industry. What measures have been taken

president Ming: we are constantly innovating and developing, improving and innovating on the basis of introducing foreign logistics packaging equipment. At present, we have made achievements to endow the plastic with conductive, antistatic and other characteristics. In addition, our participation in the exhibition is also a means of promotion. In addition, we will hold four large-scale exhibitions in China this year to promote our advanced technology. Our products not only reduce the cost, but also protect the environment. As a pioneer leader in China's logistics packaging market, we should drive the trend of "energy saving and carbon reduction" in the logistics packaging industry, which is our main purpose of participating in the exhibition

China Construction Machinery Information: could you tell us about Jiawang's R & D

president Ming: we began to introduce logistics packaging products from abroad in 2002. At that time, no one in China could provide a 100 LB experimental load as a hollow plate. After the introduction of products, we continue to innovate and improve to make our products more in line with China's market demand and more advanced. Jiawang currently has 10 invention patents and 8 utility patents. At the same time, we are also constantly researching and developing our own new products. On the basis of absorbing the good experience of foreign countries, we will improve the product technology derived from foreign technology, and slowly reduce pollution and costs. Many of our research results and patents are industry-leading, so we Jiawang promote the development of the whole industry while making independent innovation. The government has also given us great support. In addition, we have cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University and Wuxi Jiangnan University to develop some new products. In order to change the current situation of the domestic industry, accelerate the development of the domestic logistics packaging industry, and promote the whole industry

China Construction Machinery Information: how about Jiawang's market sales this year

president Ming: the sales situation is very good. Most customers' orders exceed RMB 1 million. I expect Jiawang to reach 180million yuan this year, which is second to none in China. We hope to achieve more than 250million next year

China Construction Machinery Information: please describe the future of Jiawang to us

President Ming: as an enterprise producing and selling logistics packaging materials, Jiawang has a wide range of applications. At present, Jiawang has also done a wide range of work in this field, including the packaging of the automobile industry, the packaging of the steel industry, and even the packaging of automotive components. In terms of hollow boards, in the future, hollow boards will replace wood and iron plates as the first choice of raw materials for logistics turnover boxes. In foreign countries, such as Europe, hollow panels have accounted for 60% or more. However, in China, there is still not even 10%, and there is still much room for progress. At present, Jiawang can carry out "one-stop" production from raw materials to plate making to finished products. We also spend a lot of time, energy and money to constantly update equipment and improve products

at present, most of Jiawang's products are exported for export, but they are relatively cold in the domestic market. This has something to do with the whole industry. The domestic market is still using relatively backward logistics packaging products with low prices. Jiawang makes advanced products at relatively high prices. But we still insist on doing so, because we are in line with sustainable development and responsible for the future. At present, iron or wood equipment is used in China. If you want to plant a tree for 20 years, iron ore costs and gas pollution are required for iron making. But we use different plastics. Jiawang has invested in the research of plastic hollow panels since 2002, and now the technology is relatively mature

we hope to use our own efforts to change the domestic market and increase the proportion of hollow slabs to 20%-30% in the next decade, which is beneficial to the whole country. In addition to making money, Jiawang has always stressed that we take it from the society and use it for the society, that is, the money I earn is used to reinvest and expand, and then change the entire market environment. In terms of professional environmental protection concept, now it advocates increasing the use of renewable resources and reducing the waste of non renewable resources. Plastics is also a renewable resource

about Jiawang:

Wuxi Jiawang precision packaging materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. Since its inception, in line with the business philosophy of effective utilization of resources and environmental protection, it is committed to pursuing excellent logistics packaging solutions. Introduce the most advanced extrusion and injection molding equipment from abroad, and collect plastic boxes for products. Hollow plate, logistics pallet, European standard box as one product group. All round, three-dimensional to meet the needs of customers' logistics packaging. Integrity, professionalism and service are the work creed of all Jiawang people. As a modern enterprise, we have successfully passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. We take reputation first, quality first, mutual benefit and common development as the basis for our cooperation with customers. Wuxi Jiawang precision packaging materials Co., Ltd. is willing to work with you with high-quality products and perfect services to sincerely cooperate and create good results

the world is changing from the era of resource recycling to the era of recycling and remanufacturing of the same kind of products. The plastic turnover box can be recycled, cleaned and reused. Effectively inhibit the regeneration of waste. Moreover, the plastic turnover box can reduce logistics costs and improve work efficiency. It is being used in various fields as a modern logistics container for environmental protection. Plastic turnover boxes are widely used in the automobile industry, electronics industry and machine manufacturing industry at the stage of batch trial production and market promotion. The company has been constantly innovating and developing, and has endowed the plastic with conductive, anti-static and other characteristics. As anti-static materials can be selected, it has a good anti pressure effect, and is most suitable for the electronic industry with high precision and the industry with high operation technology. The box is light and flexible, which can improve work efficiency. It is the best choice for the company's internal operation and turnover

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