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Jiangsu Taohuawu New Year pictures will be made into food packaging on October 1, the first Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures store in Suzhou will be opened in Suzhou's northeast street. On October 6, 20000 time-honored food packaging printed with the "Fu" character of Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures will be presented to Suzhou citizens, and with it will be caizhizhai, a well-known time-honored enterprise in Suzhou

Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures and the woodcut New Year pictures in Zhuxian Town, Henan, Yangliuqing, Tianjin, Weifang, Shandong and Jinzhu, Sichuan are called the five Folk Woodcut New Year pictures in China. On june10,2006, Suzhou Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures were recently included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage protection

recently, the protection unit of Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures and caizhizhai officially signed the agreement on the protection and promotion of intangible culture, and both sides also reached an agreement on how to protect and spread this Suzhou traditional culture with local characteristics. At present, the Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures with the word "Fu" have all been created. At that time, caizhizhai will use this to make and replace the outer packaging of some products, adding a strong cultural flavor to modern food

wangzude, a master of Arts and crafts, has been devoted to the creation of Taohuawu New Year pictures. So far, he is one of the few senior representatives who have been engaged in this industry for the longest time. He told us that in order to raise people's awareness, arouse people's awareness of protection and prevent traditional culture from being buried underground, they put forward a bold idea of "combining culture with enterprises" and put it into action. The purpose is to join hands with well-known enterprises to enter the market with the support of them to achieve a win-win situation

"it's really a coincidence that I have an indissoluble bond with caizhizhai." Wangzude said. It is reported that the first Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures store in Suzhou will open on the day of the National Day this year. "This will be our first step in opening up the Taohuawu New Year picture market." Wangzude said

it is understood that few citizens under the age of 50 in Suzhou have seen Suzhou Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures, while citizens over the age of 50 may have seen such new year pictures when they were young. If they are allowed to identify them now, few people can identify them. As a result, the Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures in Suzhou were cut off for 50 years, and twoorthree generations knew nothing about this form of visual art. The common people know little about it, and their recognition of it is too low. As a result, Suzhou Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures have lost their market, and have been snubbed by the public. Slowly, Suzhou Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures have become a seriously endangered traditional culture

"master doesn't want to teach, so let's give you a detailed technical answer. Apprentices don't want to learn. With the changes of the times, the contradiction has become more and more intense." A government official of Suzhou municipal government explained. In 2001, the Suzhou municipal government took the lead in moving the new year painting shop into the Suzhou Academy of Arts and crafts, and asked the teacher Fu to select a group of heirs from colleges and universities to teach skills hand in hand. Even so, in recent years, only twoorthree people have entered this industry

if traditional folk culture wants to be inherited and carried forward, does it have to take the road of "marriage" between culture and economy? Some experts are more worried. They pointed out that if we pursue economy in this way, will the real folk art disappear from us if we don't do well

a professor of Suzhou Institute of science and technology who studies folk culture also expressed different views. In his opinion, the combination of culture and enterprise, including 29 invention patents, 5 utility model patents, Suzhou Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures and Suzhou time-honored "caizhizhai", is a good form and breakthrough. The three-dimensional and multi-directional protection makes it possible to continue its life. Today's society is a cultural and economic society. Excessive pursuit of economy will only backfire. However, it is impossible to separate culture from economy and let the state handle all cultural heritages in one hand. Therefore, the final win-win situation is that culture and economy should be integrated

the professor finally stressed that no matter what form is used to carry forward and protect folk art, there must be a degree. Taking Suzhou Taohuawu woodcut New Year pictures as food packaging bags, the most important thing is not to consider its economic interests, but to let more people know the woodcut New Year pictures

----- professor wudaming/Director of Institute of plastic machinery and plastic engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology

source: Jiangnan times

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