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Jiangsu: 1000 chemical enterprises will be shut down in the next three years. On September 4, the Jiangsu provincial government held a press conference to inform the society about the implementation opinions on accelerating the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the provincial chemical, iron, steel, coal and power industry (hereinafter referred to as the implementation Opinions)

according to the implementation opinions, in the next three years, Jiangsu will shut down 1000 chemical enterprises that fail to meet environmental protection standards and have serious potential safety hazards. Gao Qing, deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, said: "it may be more difficult to apply for chemical projects in Jiangsu in the future than going to heaven."

the work requirements adhered to in the implementation opinions

Jiangsu Province this time promotes the transformation and upgrading of the chemical, iron, steel and coal power industry, focusing on the "industrial chain" to adjust the layout, reasonably adjust the production layout of industrial enterprises, optimize the spatial organization and geographical layout of industrial regions, promote the deep cooperation of the whole industrial chain, and cultivate advanced, green, safe and environmental friendly industrial clusters. Specifically:

first, optimize the layout. Strictly restrict and reduce the chemical steel production capacity in areas along the river, encourage the establishment of high-level chemical steel industry bases in coastal areas with environmental capacity and development conditions, promote clearer industrial positioning and more rational regional division of labor, and create an industrial spatial layout characterized by "1+3" functional area economy

second, do not engage in "gradient transfer". The transformation, upgrading and layout adjustment of the chemical, iron, steel, coal and power industry fully consider the regional natural endowment and comparative advantages, and comprehensively consider the river, sea, river and lake resource conditions. The focus of the riverside areas is on green, light, optimized and high, and the focus of the coastal industries is on high starting point and high standard planning and layout, so as to achieve reasonable division of labor and dislocation development. This adjustment is a strategic adjustment around the industrial chain, innovation chain and regional development. It is not a static adjustment, let alone a simple "enterprise move"

third, adhere to the province's "one game of chess". The implementation opinions clearly put forward the safety and environmental protection standards along the coast and along the river, and adhere to the "one standard" of the whole province. In the future, no matter in the process of industrial layout adjustment, project implementation and enterprise production and operation, all regions in the province will implement "one standard and one ruler" for safety and environmental protection, and there will be no "two track system" for safety and environmental protection standards along the river and along the coast

in the long run, industrial layout adjustment can better free up development space for regions and enterprises, create more advantageous and concentrated industrial development clusters, and better serve and protect people's livelihood

the main objectives of the implementation opinions

strengthen regional overall planning, make great efforts to integrate decentralized production capacity, expand and strengthen high-quality production capacity, comprehensively use the "combined fist" of administrative licensing and administrative law enforcement such as environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and quality, and further promote the closure of backward production capacity, the elimination of illegal production capacity and the elimination of "zombie enterprises". By 2020, the province will fully complete the special action of "four batches" of chemical enterprises. In the next three years, 1000 chemical enterprises that fail to meet environmental protection standards and have serious potential safety hazards will be shut down. The number of Hazardous Chemical Wharf storage enterprises along the river will only decrease but not increase. Chemical production enterprises and liquid chemicals will ensure the durability and firmness of internal and external decorative parts, and the entry rate of the wharf will reach 50%. All chemical parks that fail to meet the standards will be shut down; Reduce the crude steel production capacity, control the total amount within 115million tons, and ensure the completion of the 17.5 million tons capacity reduction task assigned by the state during the 13th Five Year Plan period; Shut down more than 2million kilowatts of backward coal-fired power units, reducing the total coal consumption of the province by 32million tons compared with 2016

in addition, it also includes: taking multiple measures at the same time to significantly reduce the total amount of pollutant emissions. By 2020, the total amount of VOCs emissions in the chemical industry will decrease by 40% compared with 2015, the total amount of chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen emissions will decrease by 20%, and the total amount of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions in the coal power and steel industries will decrease by 30%, 50% and 50% respectively

main contents of the implementation opinions: in terms of chemical industry, firstly, synchronously promote the strategic transformation of riverside regions from a high starting point and the strategic layout of coastal regions along or at the expense of a certain material performance with the support of the rapid growth of the world construction market. Adhere to intensification, specialization and high-end, and strive to promote the chemical industry to reduce total volume, improve quality, increase variety and optimize structure. The regions along the Yangtze River will focus on the implementation of the reduction, transfer, transformation and upgrading plan, the coastal areas will focus on the implementation of the standardized development plan of advanced, high-end and green chemical industry, and the introduction of industrial projects with "good market prospects, good technical level and low pressure on safety and environmental protection" in high standards. Among them, it is strictly prohibited to build and layout chemical parks and chemical enterprises within 1km of the shoreline of the main stream of the Yangtze River and its main tributaries. Encourage qualified chemical enterprises within 1km from the shoreline of the main stream and important tributaries of the Yangtze River to move away from 1km, or move away from and enter the compliance park. Chemical enterprises within 1km from the shoreline of the main stream and important tributaries of the Yangtze River that fail to discharge the sewage stably up to the standard, whose sewage treatment facilities have not been built, whose supporting facilities are imperfect, whose operation is abnormal, and whose sewage is discharged by means of concealed pipes, seepage wells, seepage pits, etc., shall be ordered to stop production, move away from the original site within a time limit, and enter the compliance park. Those that still fail to meet the requirements after rectification and transformation shall be ordered to close down according to law

second, standardize and improve the development level of chemical parks, comprehensively sort out 54 chemical parks in the province, establish an exit mechanism for chemical parks, and resolutely eliminate non-standard chemical parks

third, accelerate the withdrawal of inefficient production capacity, strictly carry out the special action of "four batches" of chemical enterprises in the province, and resolutely eliminate relatively backward and excess production capacity

fourth, optimize and adjust the layout of hazardous chemical terminals, promote the entry of hazardous chemical terminals into the park, establish a linkage development mechanism between hazardous chemical terminals and the chemical park, carry out the integration of hazardous chemical terminals, and improve the public security capacity and standardized management level of hazardous chemical terminals in the park

what are the specific arrangements and considerations in promoting the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the chemical industry

Jiangsu Provincial Economic and information system will conscientiously implement document No. 32 issued by the general office of the provincial Party committee and the general office of the provincial government, and strive to promote the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of the provincial chemical industry from six aspects

first, actively promote the strategic transformation of the chemical industry along the Yangtze River. We will focus on the implementation of reduction, transfer, transformation and improvement plans along the river, deepen the adjustment of industrial structure, focus on the transformation to emerging chemical industries such as new chemical materials, high-end special and functional chemicals, and new chemical energy conservation and environmental protection, accelerate the move towards the high end of the value chain and innovation chain, and form the advantages of industrial agglomeration and characteristic brands

second, promote the strategic upgrading of coastal chemical industry. Focus on the construction of advanced, efficient and green chemical industry, build a number of major chemical industry projects with good market prospects, high technological level, advanced safety and environmental protection, and accelerate the construction of Lianyungang national petrochemical industry base. Carry out the special renovation of coastal chemical industry parks (concentrated areas), vigorously promote the construction and improvement of safety, environmental protection, informatization and other infrastructure in coastal chemical industry parks (concentrated areas) within one year, and shut down and integrate the low-end and low-efficiency enterprises in the park. What are the factors that cause the friction of universal testing machine? Vacate space and effectively improve the standardized development level of coastal chemical industry parks

third, comprehensively implement the comprehensive evaluation of chemical industry parks. Carry out a comprehensive evaluation on the standardized development of chemical parks in the province one by one, and give key policy support to those with good evaluation to lead the development of industrial agglomeration; Further optimization and promotion of qualified ones; If the assessment is unqualified and the rectification within a time limit is still unqualified, the positioning of the chemical industry park shall be cancelled

fourth, continue to deepen the "263" chemical reduction and the "four batches" special action of chemical enterprises. Comprehensively apply the standards and requirements of energy consumption, environmental protection, quality, safety and technology, promote the orderly exit of low-end production capacity, and practically close all the issues that should be closed. This year, more than 750 chemical enterprises in the province will be shut down, and 568 have been completed from January to July

fifth, strict industry access. We will implement the catalogue of restrictions, elimination and prohibition of industrial restructuring in Jiangsu Province (the first batch), strictly control both access and elimination, and curb low-level redundant construction

sixth, support the innovation and development of enterprises, strive to improve the level of process technology and equipment, and promote the continuous improvement of intelligent manufacturing level in the chemical industry

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