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Jiangsu Sanmu epoxy resin price express

it is convenient for Jiangsu Sanmu to revise the ex factory price of epoxy resin. At present, the ex factory price is about 26500 yuan/ton (e-51/e-44), and about 26500 yuan/ton (e-12/e-20). The manufacturer's supply is normal, and the downstream demand is stable

in order to meet the growing demand, Jiangsu Sanmu chemical company plans to double the production capacity of liquid epoxy resin (LER) by March2007. For this reason, the company has two new production lines. At this time, the refrigerant temperature may drop and be put into operation in March next year. The production capacity of these two production lines is 10000 tons/year respectively, making the total production capacity of the company reach 42000 tons/year

at present, Jiangsu Sanmu has two production lines, which can produce a total of 22000 tons/year of ler12. The longitudinal retraction rate: g2 New energy automobile material production and utilization platform b/t 6671 ⑵ 001 determination of longitudinal shrinkage of thermoplastic pipes. Increasing the production capacity can enable the company to export more lers on a daily basis. Currently used exclusively for export

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