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Jiangsu national digital publishing base is expected to achieve an output value of 15billion yuan in 2015

recently, when Jiang in Yuhua development zone was exploring a new development path of plastic granulator technology, the first draft of the spatial planning and industrial planning of Jiangsu national digital publishing base has been prepared

according to the base development plan, the verification base of Jinan Shijin safety glass impact testing machine will be further built into a national leading digital publishing (digital culture industry) base; China digital publishing industry content standard and evaluation center, brand center; University digital string (digital culture industry) entrepreneurship bases in four places across the Taiwan Straits. With the help of Nanjing's special urban status and comprehensive transportation advantages, it will attract outstanding creative talents and technical talents from the four places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, jointly promote the development of the digital culture industry, and become an important international digital publishing (digital culture industry). By promoting leading enterprises to go global and creating national digital publishing brand forums and brand festivals, we will build an important base for China's internationally competitive digital culture industry

it is well known that by 2015, Jiangsu national digital publishing base will achieve an output value of 15billion yuan, and the industrial categories will initially take shape Special user PID can be adjusted automatically. In 2020, it will achieve an output value of 30billion yuan, and become a national leading and international first-class digital publishing industry base

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