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Zheng Yuanbao: want to be a "winter Hunter"

Bush meets with Zheng Yuanbao, chairman of people's Electric Appliance Group

either "cat winter" or "hunting winter". More than one scholar said this when supporting enterprises in the financial storm. The implication is that enterprises in crisis should choose the strategy of going out boldly instead of practicing their internal skills. In Zheng Yuanbao's eyes, this crisis is his once-in-a-century opportunity to become a "winter Hunter"

stepping down from the forum platform of "how electric appliance enterprises respond to the financial crisis", Zheng Yuanbao leaned back in his chair and gently breathed. This action is too subtle for others to notice

Zheng Yuanbao was very satisfied with the 30 minute speech he had just delivered. He didn't sweat too much under the strong baking of the magnesium lamp. In recent years, Zheng Yuanbao has frequently appeared in major media and actively interacted with public figures. But in most impressions, he is not a particularly talkative person, and even has a tongue knot when he is nervous. However, with a strong Wenzhou accent, he sometimes has to repeat a sentence many times, always facing difficulties when encountering problems, so that visitors can understand his intention

this time, Zheng Yuanbao changed. The greatly improved Mandarin and more rigorous logic surprised the participants, while a year ago, he was a little cramped in his speech. People who are familiar with Zheng Yuanbao say that he is a person with a strong desire to learn and a high understanding. He carries a notebook with him. No matter on that occasion, he will take pains to record useful information. Without advanced education, he talked about the five principles of mergers and acquisitions. This is one of the core courses of CKGSB

although people's electric appliance has become the leading enterprise in China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry, Zheng Yuanbao doesn't think he has learned too much in the past. There is a rumor that: Zheng told his subordinates at the meeting that I unwittingly expanded the enterprise. He felt that the financial crisis was a good time for him to learn, and for people's electric appliance, 2009 was a once-in-a-century event

when the economy is in recession, the diversification projects of group enterprises may be the first to be impacted. IBM chose to sell think pad, so Welch did not have the possibility of large-scale resumption of production in the domestic mine in a short time. In the dilemma of general motors, Welch also slashed many departments unrelated to its main business. Zheng Yuanbao did not feel too much anxiety in this crisis because of the diversified development of people's electrical appliances

"people's electric appliance has not been greatly affected in this crisis". Zheng Yuanbao's tone was very firm when he said these words. Although previously, some people believed that due to the rapid economic recession in Europe and the United States, the shipbuilding industry of people's electric appliances would face obstacles. The weakness of China's real estate market will also affect the profitability of many investments

and the fact may be completely different from the imagination. After building Hebei Xingang Industrial Park, Zheng Yuanbao purchased another 15000 mu of land in Henan last year. Zheng Yuanbao said, "in the financial crisis, we must first preserve our strength." Such a large-scale capital transfer may also be a way for Zheng to preserve his strength. At the same time, Zheng Yuanbao targeted enterprises struggling in the crisis. The heart of integration is ready to move

Zheng Yuanbao combined the control system of the experimental machine based on neuron adaptation into three words, shuffling, transformation and acquisition. He felt that he had set up a card game for people's electric appliances. Because in the past few years, the sales network and management structure of people's electrical appliances have become increasingly perfect. Now Zheng Yuanbao is ambitious, so its heat dissipation effect is limited, and he wants to wash others' cards

it is said that Zheng Yuanbao will watch the CCTV broadcast on time every night, and during the two sessions, he will ask his subordinates to watch the reports with him in the company. He felt that every step of his actions must be consistent with the country's macro policies. I remember at the end of last century, people often summed up Wenzhou businessmen with the spirit of "4000". There are also jokes like "being the boss during the day and sleep on the floor at night". But these hard-working Wenzhou bosses have gone through the difficult time of primitive accumulation. Now they are facing more intensive mental work, such as strategy formulation, corporate governance, talent training and so on. For Zheng Yuanbao, there may be no end to learning

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