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Zhejiang Zhongcheng plans to invest more than 200million yuan in the construction of food packaging film project

Zhejiang Zhongcheng announced on the evening of May 17 that the company plans to use the over raised funds and the interest of the raised funds, which are currently being raised by anqing public offering as an opportunity, to invest in the construction of a 7000 ton high barrier PVDC heat shrinkable film construction project

the main construction content of the project is the purchase, development, installation and commissioning of civil engineering of plant and supporting facilities and related production equipment. The project will invest to build six high barrier PVDC heat shrinkable film production lines using the three bubble method and five layer coextrusion production process, with an additional annual capacity of 7000 tons (the finished products have load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain load ⑵ point extension diagram) after replacement. The project is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 308 million yuan and a net profit of 57.45 million yuan when it is fully put into production. The total investment of the project has no intention to decline. The profit rate of capital is 27.20%, and the investment payback period is 3.15 years

it is reported that PVDC heat shrinkable film has a high popularity in the United States, Australia and other countries, and its packaging of beef and pork has become the main form of packaging. At present, PVDC heat shrinkable films can only be produced by a few companies such as xiyueer in the United States, with limited production and high prices

Zhejiang Zhongcheng said that the company is a leading enterprise in the domestic POF heat shrinkable film industry. The construction of this project will effectively promote the rapid development of PVDC heat shrinkable film in the field of food safety applications, and play a positive role in improving food safety

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