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Zhengzhou plans to build an 8billion taxi call service center to create a smooth Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou Transportation Committee has been established, and the responsibilities of the former Transportation Bureau and the Municipal Administration for urban public transport and urban passenger transport are included in the transportation committee. Yesterday, Zhengzhou transportation work conference was held. Fan Qiang, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Zhengzhou Transportation Committee, announced the news and said that it would establish a taxi call service center and implement the wrong time shift system to solve the problem of taxi difficulty. Eight companies across the country are also equipped with corresponding after-sales service teams

fan Qiang revealed that a taxi call service center will be established in 2010. As long as citizens call the call service center, they can easily book a taxi; In view of the current situation that it is difficult for taxis to fill gas, we should speed up the construction of special filling stations for taxis; For the difficulty of taking a taxi in "morning peak and evening peak" reported by the public, the wrong time shift system should be implemented. In addition, in 2010, Zhengzhou will also accelerate the development, which can also obtain public transportation at low cost, actively promote the construction of urban bus hubs, initial and terminal stations and new lines of Zhengzhou BRT, improve the structure of Zhengzhou BRT line 1, adjust the suitable conventional bus lines on the second ring road into BRT branches, and increase the number of buses on the main and branch lines of BRT line 1

for the "smooth Zhengzhou" project currently being implemented in Zhengzhou, the Zhengzhou Transportation Committee will invest 8billion yuan to fully promote the construction of "ten bridges, ten roads, five stations and two centers". The paint and putty of Dongfang 8.6 testing machine should have sufficient strength

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