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Zhejiang Zhijiang laboratory has successfully signed a contract with donhambush

Zhejiang Zhijiang laboratory has successfully signed a contract with donhambush

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recently, donhambush has frequently won large orders, and the "promising" Zhejiang Zhijiang laboratory has successfully signed a contract with donhambush

Zhijiang laboratory is jointly organized by the people's Government of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang University and Alibaba group. Guided by national goals and strategic needs, it focuses on network information and artificial intelligence with the main line of tackling major scientific and technological tasks and large-scale scientific and technological infrastructure construction. Guided by the national goal that many industries have increased their needs for metallic copper and strategic needs, and focused on major scientific and technological tasks and large-scale scientific and technological infrastructure construction, it focuses on network information and artificial intelligence. Plan and promote innovation from a global perspective, integrate and gather high-quality innovation resources from universities and institutions at home and abroad, central enterprises and private enterprises, build breakthrough, leading and platform based new scientific research institutions, and strive to create national laboratories. Taking Zhejiang University and Alibaba group as the dual cores is also an important step for Zhejiang Province to promote the construction of Hangzhou West science and innovation corridor and build an information economy science and innovation center with global influence

the total construction area of phase I project is 617407.6 square meters, including the main building, big data center, big science device, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, future network research institute, perceptual science and technology center and chip center, network health center, network safety center group, intelligent robot research center, canteen, substation, super clean room, anechoic room, academic exchange center, talent special room and other modules. Taking advantage of colleges and universities is an important measure of Guangya aluminum. The phase I project of Zhijiang laboratory has multiple air-conditioning systems. The main building and big data center are excluded from the following three aspects. All modules use donhambush mainframe

as one of the key buildings of Zhijiang laboratory phase I, the big data center is currently a super large data processing center in Zhejiang Province. It is the core of data processing of Zhijiang laboratory, and it is also the storage and calculation of government big data. The big data center of Zhijiang laboratory has a total construction area of 47044 square meters and 4088 server cabinets

the data center machine room will maintain the annual refrigeration operation condition of 365 days *24h every year, which has high requirements for the stability, reliability, energy saving and life cycle of the equipment. Donhambush provided it with eight 10kV double stage centrifugal water chillers (2 variable frequency and 6 fixed frequency) with a single unit cooling capacity of up to 2000rt, which are higher than the national first-class energy efficiency standard, and combined cooling with natural cooling. According to the changes of outdoor temperature, the chillers and natural cooling load distribution can be flexibly adjusted to meet the annual refrigeration and high energy efficiency needs

in this project, the main building and other modules also have conventional chiller systems, equipped with water source heat pump air-conditioning energy-saving systems, including variable-frequency centrifugal chillers, water-cooled screw units and water source heat pump units, with a total of 26 hosts, all supplied by donhambush, covering the central air-conditioning system of the whole Zhijiang Laboratory phase I project

since the first centrifuge was launched in 1965, donhambush has started the process of production, R & D and production of central air conditioning for nearly 60 years. With years of technology accumulation, donhambush's products are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficient, reliable, stable and reasonable. Today, donhambush has many system solutions, such as primary pump variable flow, ice storage technology, large temperature difference technology, frequency conversion technology, etc. It also designs products according to customers' needs and customizes exclusive system solutions, involving data centers, pharmaceuticals, medical treatment, rail transit and many other fields, including typical cases

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