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Zhejiang Zhongli decorates Shanghai WorldExpo low

the world-renowned Shanghai WorldExpo is in full swing on both sides of the Pujiang River, and "strange buildings" pavilions with strange shapes and full of imagination from all over the world have appeared in the Expo Park. There are the United Arab Emirates Pavilion in the shape of "sand dunes", the Saudi Arabia Pavilion in the shape of "moon boat", and the British Pavilion like "Dandelion" Among the pavilions of various countries, the Italian Pavilion is popular with tourists at home and abroad for its unique design style and the design concept of "city of people"

it is Zhejiang Zhongli energy saving glass manufacturing Co., Ltd. that provides Low-E glass for the Italian Pavilion of the WorldExpo. Zhejiang Zhongli energy saving glass manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional energy-saving glass manufacturer integrating the production of Low-E coated glass originals and the deep processing of engineering glass. In 2008, the company introduced the world's most advanced production equipment such as LeiBao Low-E coated glass production line in Germany, lisek insulating glass production line in Austria, and temglass tempering production line in Finland. At the same time, in 2009, Zhejiang Zhongli became the world's glass giant PPG industrial group offline coating technology, the first and only authorized enterprise in China, laying a foundation for avoiding water leakage It evaporates the leading position of Zhejiang Zhongli in China's Low-E glass field if it can be found in the relevant announcement

it was not easy for Zhejiang Zhongli to become a supplier of Low-E glass for the WorldExpo. Originally, the designer of the Italian Pavilion, Mr. jimpaolo, who is in his 60s, has always been famous for his strict requirements on building materials. At first, he asked that all building glass of the Italian Pavilion should be purchased from his own country, but when he heard that the Low-E glass of Zhejiang Zhongli can be comparable with foreign products, he decided to visit Zhejiang Zhongli factory in person, In Zhejiang Zhongli factory, when he saw the world-class production equipment and international leading production technology, he immediately decided that the 4800 square meter exhibition hall of the Italian Pavilion would all use Zhejiang Zhongli's Low-E glass

at the Italian Pavilion of this WorldExpo, the organizer put forward the design strategy of ecological climate. In winter, solar radiation is used, while in summer, natural air flow and water flow are used to cool down. Hot air is eliminated through the automatic regulation system, which can reduce the temperature of internal buildings. At the same time, the injection of natural light can also reduce the use of indoor lights, so as to save energy. Therefore, the Italian Pavilion selects a high-permeability Low-E glass from Zhejiang Zhongli, which has a visible light transmittance close to that of white glass, while taking into account good heat insulation performance. The high-permeability Low-E glass manufactured by Zhejiang Zhongli is an independently developed product that can be tempered in other places. It not only improves the transmittance of the product, but also ensures the stability and brushing resistance of the film system after tempering. The product is blue gray. Because of its low visible light reflectance, the model under low Reflection: Wes ⑶ 00B blue gray glass has better visual effect compared with similar pure neutral color products. The high permeability Low-E glass provided by Zhejiang Zhongli perfectly interprets the energy-saving and low-carbon design concept of the Italian Pavilion

the perfect product quality and high-quality after-sales service have earned the high praise of the designers of the Italian Pavilion. At the same time, Zhejiang Zhongli has also made its own contribution to the perfect opening of the Shanghai WorldExpo. Do you know why the beam of Zhejiang electronic universal experimental machine is often stuck? Now follow the footsteps of technicians. Let's get to know each other! I hope it can help you. Zhongli will continue to adhere to the enterprise business philosophy of "quality excellence, commitment, trust and service", constantly improve product quality and management level, and strive to become "the most valuable energy-saving glass supplier in China"

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