The hottest Zhengzhou glass increased its position

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Zhengzhou glass significantly increased its position and retested the 1500 level pressure

disk situation: Zhengzhou glass 1805 contract opened at 1484 yuan/ton and closed at 1497 yuan/ton, up 14 yuan/ton or 0.94% from the previous trading day. The trading volume increased to about 239500 hands, and the position increased by 58740 hands to 446028 hands

news: 1. The "China glass composite index" on January 26, 2018 was 1183.07 points, down 0.08 points from January 25, 2018 in the previous period. The "China glass price index" was 1207.37 points, down 0.18 points from January 25, 2018 in the previous period. The "China glass market confidence index" was 1085.89 points, up 0.34 points from January 25, 2018 in the previous period

spot price: in North China, the ex factory price of safe 5mm float glass in Hebei was 1520 yuan/ton, and in East China, the ex factory price of 5mm float glass in Shandong Jurun was 1649 yuan/ton. In Central China, the spot price of 5mm float glass in Wuhan Changli was reported at 1716 yuan/ton. Inventory data: 2972 warehouse receipts were registered at the exchange, unchanged from the previous trading day

view summary: the domestic glass market as a whole has shocked Nike for four consecutive years. It is considered that the enterprises that use the most recycled polyester materials in the industry are weak. The production enterprises mainly increase the outbound and withdrawal funds, and the market confidence is general. The price in Shahe area of North China is mainly weak and stable, the delivery of goods is slowed down due to the influence of snowfall weather, the inventory has rebounded, the price of production enterprises is mainly high, the quotation of some manufacturers has been adjusted to a certain extent, and traders and processing enterprises are cautious. The spot price in East China and central China remained stable, and the warehouse out decreased. The 800 ton guide plate of Zhejiang Qibin Changxing front line produced white glass; South China is mainly stable, and the market production and sales are acceptable. The suspension and restriction of glass production in Shahe region and the replacement plan of glass production capacity supported the glass futures price, and the weak demand in the northern region suppressed the short-term upper space. Technically, the glass 1805 contract ended higher, the futures price continued to test the pressure of 1500, and the short-term high-level fluctuation trend continued. Operationally, it is temporarily traded in an interval

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