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Zhengzhou Tobacco Institute purchased 30 sets of gas and liquid quality instruments

entrusted by Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute of China National Tobacco Corporation, Henan Construction and Management Co., Ltd. invited bids for the 2012 budget purchase of instruments and equipment public bidding project of Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute, and the specified procedures have carried out bid opening, bid evaluation, bid determination and negotiation. Now the results of this bidding are announced as follows:

I In the first half of the year, mtmarion will provide the bidding project name and bidding number of nearly 130000 tons of lithium concentrate

Project Name: Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute 2012 budget purchase instrument and equipment public bidding project

bidding number: hnxjzb

II. Brief description of the bidding project

Project Overview: experimental instruments and equipment

package 1: 1 ultra high performance liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

package 2: 1 gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

give full play to the carbonization characteristics of thermosetting polyurethane

package 3: 1 ultra high performance liquid chromatograph

package 4: one gas chromatography tandem quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometer

package 5: one thermal desorption instrument

package 6: 1 viscometer

package 7: a set of multi-purpose pilot high-efficiency extraction system

package 8: one full-automatic titrator

package 9: one high-speed countercurrent chromatograph (preparation type)

package 10: one full wavelength microplate reader

package 11: one tobacco moisture adsorption loss tester

package 12: 1 inverted fluorescence microscope

package 13: one flow cytometer

package 14: one automatic colony counter

package 15: one full-automatic flash point meter

package 16: one set of membrane separation experimental equipment

package 17: 1 mercury meter

package 18: one freeze dryer

package 19: 1 mixing and grinding instrument

package 20: 1 microbial growth curve tester

package 21: 1 set of advanced microwave digestion/extraction system

package 22: bacterial identification and analysis system 1 can achieve efficient and painless drug administration; Developed medical beauty micro needle roller cover

package 23: one set of pure and ultra pure water all-in-one machine

package 24: one set of purging and trapping device

package 25: one UV-Vis spectrophotometer

package 26: one headspace sampler is used for testing bolts and fasteners that statically ensure most sizes, shapes or high strength

package 27: one infrared gas analyzer

package 28: one color difference meter

package 29: one powder flow tester

package 30: one portable fast gas chromatograph

III. bidding announcement media and date

published on China procurement and bidding and Henan provincial government procurement on July 25, 2012

IV. bid evaluation information

bid evaluation date: August 14, 2012

bid evaluation place: A301 conference room of Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute

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