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Zhengzhou PM2.5 monitoring instruments were in place in September, and yellow standard official vehicles were eliminated this year. The bidding for PM2.5 monitoring instruments has been completed, and Zhengzhou Yellow standard official vehicles must be eliminated by the end of the year... Yesterday, Zhengzhou Environmental Protection Bureau held a second quarter press conference to announce the hot environmental protection processes of social concern one by one

water quality

the water quality of Jialu River gradually improved

Li Chunde, deputy director of Zhengzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, reported that the water quality of Jialu River continued to improve in the first half of 2012. Since May 14, the section of Zhongmou Chenqiao in Jialu river has reached the provincial target requirements for seven consecutive weeks. In June, 21 indicators have reached the standard, and the water quality has reached the best in recent years

this news is good for residents on both sides of the Jialu river. You know, last year, nearly 30million yuan of ecological compensation was withheld from 15 cities under the jurisdiction of Henan Province, of which 10.5742 million yuan was withheld from the Jialu River Basin, ranking first in all basins, which also made Zhengzhou the "top" in the amount of withholding. The treatment of Jialu river was included in the comprehensive renovation plan of the whole province

"this year, Zhengzhou Environmental Protection Bureau set up a special action headquarters for Jialu river treatment, which can be said to devote the overall efforts to carry out Jialu river treatment." Li Chunde said that in order to strengthen environmental supervision, the Jialu River implemented a long reach system, further refined, strengthened inspections, and ensured that sewage treatment facilities played a role. The daily treatment capacity of Chensanqiao sewage treatment plant has been increased from 20000 tons to 80000 tons


PM2.5 monitoring instruments were in place in September

in the first half of this year, the number of excellent days in Zhengzhou urban area was 158, with a compliance rate of 86.8%, an increase of 1.2 percentage points over the same period last year

according to the deployment, Zhengzhou will carry out PM2.5 monitoring and release monitoring data in the fourth quarter of this year. According to Li Chunde, deputy director of Zhengzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, at present, the Environmental Protection Bureau has cooperated with the provincial environmental protection department to complete the bidding of PM2.5 monitoring instruments. It is expected that the instruments will be in place in September. After commissioning, monitoring will be carried out at the "nine air quality monitoring points" in the urban area in the fourth quarter of this year

Fan Xiangge, deputy head of the municipal environmental monitoring center station, said that according to the national requirements, there should be eight evaluation monitoring points and one control station with an area of 150-200 square kilometers. However, in order to reflect the air quality more comprehensively and objectively, Zhengzhou plans to add several more monitoring points next year

it is reported that at present, the nine points are located in the hospital monitoring station of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Zhengzhou Tobacco Factory, medical college, and Zhengfang. China's tire industry is facing low technical strength, low brand awareness, and low market recognition; Lack of automatic tools, provincial bank school, West Development Zone water supply company, Economic Development Zone Management Committee, No. 47 middle school in Zhengdong New Area, Gangli reservoir (Huanghe River). Among them, Gangli reservoir is the control site

yellow standard cars

Zhengzhou Yellow standard official cars will be eliminated by the end of the year

it is important to monitor PM2.5, but it is still necessary to deal with the "big producers" of PM2.5, such as automobile exhaust

it is reported that more than 34000 vehicles with excessive exhaust emissions have been investigated and dealt with in Zhengzhou this year

Geng Qingsheng, deputy leader of the municipal Motor Vehicle Exhaust Monitoring detachment, said that at present, there are 130000 yellow labeled vehicles in Zhengzhou, and all yellow labeled vehicles in Zhengzhou municipal organs must be eliminated by the end of the year. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, all operating vehicles with excessive exhaust emissions before 2005 will also be delisted

"according to the regulations of the municipal government, the units whose annual exhaust gas does not meet the standard and whose rectification is not in place for more than 5 vehicles in total will implement the 'one vote veto' of environmental protection; the party and government organs and institutions that fail to complete the task of eliminating yellow marked vehicles will withhold 50000 yuan per vehicle to the municipal financial department." Geng Qingsheng said

it is reported that for gasoline vehicles, the Yellow standard means below the national I standard, and for diesel vehicles, it means below the national III standard


the demolition and modification of coal-fired boilers leaves "hard bones"

during scraping, attention should be paid to three taboos and one taboo uneven force. Similarly, in order to improve air quality, Zhengzhou requires that all coal-fired boilers below 10 steam tons in the urban area must be demolished and modified this year (demolished or replaced with clean energy)

it is reported that 18 coal-fired boilers with parameters less than 10 steam tons are planned to be dismantled and modified this year, and 6 have been completed so far

Yang Hongchao, deputy director of the pollution prevention department of Zhengzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, said that the remaining 12 boilers belong to some provincial units, scientific research institutions, troops stationed in Zhengzhou, railway departments, etc., which are very difficult to dismantle and modify

Yang Hongchao said that it has been eight years since the implementation of the regulations of Zhengzhou on the prevention and control of air pollution in 2005

"however, no matter what the resistance is, the municipal government has set a hard task for all districts. For the district governments and management committees that fail to complete the demolition and renovation of coal-fired boilers within the specified time, 30000 yuan per steam ton will be withheld to the municipal financial department." Yang Hongchao said

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